AUC School of Business Launches Business Forward

Business Forward Logo

Forward-thinking business content has a new name: As part of its continuous efforts to blend world-class education with meaningful business and economic analysis, the AUC School of Business launched the dynamic Business Forward content platform on November 6.

Capitalizing on its unique position within the School, Business Forward sets out to disseminate knowledge by taking an in-depth look into trends and developments and how they impact local and regional economies. It does so through a variety of content that relies on interviews, features and opinion pieces, while also utilizing visual storytelling through videos and infographics.

“Business Forward is fortunate to have prominent members of the business community – who are also members of the Dean’s Strategic Advisory Board – on its editorial board,” says Sherine Meshad, associate director of communications and marketing at the School of Business.

“Dalia Wahba, Neveen El Tahri and Tarek Tawfik have their hands on the pulse of business in Egypt, while Aliaa Bassiouny, Ayman Ismail, Kevin O’Connell, and Ghada Howaidy are all deeply engrossed in cutting-edge business research developments,” she adds.

Scrolling through the online platform, readers will find that content is packaged and linked together in a way that naturally leads from one piece of informative content to the next. Want to learn about the vision and strategy for the New Administrative Capital? Right this way, please. Want to take stock of the post-devaluation effects on the Egyptian economy? Thoughts are unlikely to fluctuate on that one. Want to understand the business models behind the booming fitness and fashion industries? Read through the featured “Passion Projects”.

“Through a diverse set of content, we are setting out to reflect on how trends and developments in different industries and sectors impact the overall economy,” says Amira Salah-Ahmed, managing editor of Business Forward.

“The content featured in our launch package, for example, looks at how economies are built around things like fashion and fitness, while also painting a comprehensive picture for readers of the latest trends in financial technology, as well as giving an overview of urban development by examining the vision for the New Administrative Capital.”

Business Forward complements such engaging topics with notable events, activities and research happenings at the AUC School of Business. The platform will also create a space for dynamic discussion through its opinion section, featuring articles from guest contributors, prominent professors, and business leaders.

“Business Forward stems from the commitment of the AUC School of Business to connect the business world with academia,” says Interim Dean and Associate Professor at the School, Nizar Becheikh. 

“It aims not only at disseminating the wealth of knowledge created by School faculty and its affiliated researchers in a simple language but also at providing analytical and thought-provoking intake on current issues produced by different internal and external stakeholders.”

Digital times might very well be changing the way information is consumed, but the pursuit of knowledge remains the same. To this end, Business Forward is focusing its efforts on delving into the timely and relevant issues impacting business and economy locally and regionally, all while presenting this information to readers in an easily accessible and engaging way.