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group of students from school of business group photo winning an award

AUC School of Business Students win the prestigious MENA Research Challenge Competition!

June 3, 2024

The win is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the team members: Hana Khaled, economics major, alongside Jana Khaled, Carol Bedawy, and Raafat Saeed, finance majors, led by their mentor and academic advisor, Wael Abdullah, assistant professor of finance. The team were tested on analytical skills, valuation techniques, report writing and presentation abilities, gaining valuable real-world experience as research analysts.

Janna Khaled expressed;

 “I’m filled with pride to have represented AUC in the MENA region. Competitions are truly a unique learning experience, one that goes beyond the scope of regular coursework. Walking up to that stage knowing that you had to showcase months of effort in 10 minutes was stressful, but the instant recognition of winning was indescribable”. She continued by sharing what the experience taught her, “I learned the ability to craft a financial narrative with a clear objective so that every word resonates with the audience. This journey has given me a real taste of what a financial analyst does in the job market.” 

The journey towards victory began earlier this year in February when the AUC team secured first place in the local competition, the "Egypt Research Challenge 2024," organized by the CFA Society Egypt with the participation of 26 Egyptian universities. Buoyed by their local success, the team embarked on an extraordinary path, culminating in their triumphant performance at the MENA Research Challenge. The prestigious MENA Research Challenge, held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), witnessed the participation of 10 university teams from 10 countries, including prominent institutions from Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Cyprus, Jordan, and Russia. In the face of fierce competition, the AUC School of Business team displayed unparalleled skills, knowledge and determination, securing the coveted first place.

"This remarkable achievement by our students is a testament to their exceptional talent and unwavering commitment," stated Wael Abdallah, the mentor and academic advisor of the team. "I am immensely proud of Jana Khaled, Carol Bedawy, Hana Khaled Imam, and Raafat Saeed, and their outstanding performance. Their success exemplifies the spirit of excellence and dedication that AUC strives to instill in its students." He also added, " The remarkable achievement of the AUC team contributes to Egypt's growing reputation as a hub for financial research and expertise."

The success is not only a testament to these students, but to the impact and capabilities of AUC students in general who have a remarkable track record of not only participating, but also securing top positions, often finishing in the top three globally.