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Ahmed Nawara professor school of business in his office

Bridging Business and Academia Celebrating a Journey of Excellence and Innovation at AUC School of Business

Natalie Melad
July 2, 2024

Alumni Spotlight: Ahmed Nawara’97 ‘14 – Bridging Business and AcademiaCelebrating a Journey of Excellence and Innovation at AUC School of Business

AUC School of Business takes immense pride in highlighting the accomplishments of our distinguished alumni through our Alumni Spotlight series. This feature on Ahmed Nawara, adjunct professor at AUC School of Business and CEO of Al Manar Group,  is not just a celebration of his individual achievements but also a testament to the enduring value and impact of an AUC education. Nawara has recently added a significant achievement to his career by earning his Doctoral Degree, with high honors, in Business Administration from Paris School of Business. His dissertation focused on family business and the factors that contributed to its longevity in Egypt. 

“I would like to leave a legacy that bridges the gap between academia and the business world, and that is how I plan to impact my students,” Nawara said.

From AUC School of Business Graduate to Visionary CEO

Nawara graduated from The American University in Cairo in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics. His academic path at AUC laid the foundation for a career that would span various sectors of the business world, from oil and gas to automotive within the family-run Al Manar Group. In 2010, Nawara furthered his education by joining the Executive Development Program jointly offered by AUC School of Business and Kellogg School of Management Executive Education. He later completed his Executive Master in Business Administration from AUC School of Business in 2014. Moreover, in 2016, Nawara joined the Go Global program at IE Business School and his academic pursuits continued at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where in 2017, he studied Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management. In 2018, he studied Corporate Governance, Business Administration and Management at INSEAD, before culminating in his doctoral studies at the Paris School of Business in 2024. 

Under his leadership as CEO, Al Manar Group Nawara has navigated challenges such as changes in foreign currency, inflation, bureaucracy, and corruption. Nawara credits his AUC education with instilling resilience and agility, qualities that have enabled him to lead his company to thrive despite these obstacles.

“The good thing is that we, Egyptians, have learnt to be resilient, so we always thrive,” Nawara added. He aspires to grow Al Manar Group to become an appealing attraction for the rest of the family and prepare the business to cater to the third and fourth generations. 

A Passion for Mentorship and Growth

In 2023, Nawara joined AUC School of Business as an adjunct professor, a role he embraces with a passion for mentoring and a vision to integrate academic rigor with real-world business challenges. He is committed to preparing a future generation of business leaders and creating opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience by inviting them to intern at Al Manar Group. 

Nawara's approach to teaching reflects his belief in the power of education to build character and foster innovation. "AUC shapes our character, and that is why we are always open to new ideas and innovations," says Nawara. His dedication to giving back to AUC and impacting students is a central theme of his professional philosophy.

Despite joining his family business right after graduation, Nawara advises AUC business students to explore diverse industries and gain broad experiences before settling into family business roles. 

Continuing the Legacy

Looking ahead, Nawara plans to stay connected with the AUC School of Business community, contributing to its vibrant academic and business environment. His work and research aim to bridge the gap between academia and the practical business world, providing a model for future business leaders and academics.

AUC School of Business celebrates Ahmed Nawara’s accomplishments and his ongoing commitment to excellence. His journey from a student to a leader who contributes significantly to both his industry and his alma mater serves as an inspiration to all our students and alumni. Join us in congratulating Nawara on his achievements and wishing him continued success in his endeavors.

Stay tuned for more stories from our Alumni Feature series, where we explore the diverse and dynamic paths our alumni take in their professional and personal lives.