Bringing Continents Together: School Collaborates with Denison University on International Business Class

New Course

The AUC School of Business is mixing international business with politics in an innovative course offering in partnership with Denison University in the United States.

As part of the internationalization essence embedded within the AUC School of Business, Assistant Professor of Organization Studies Nellie El Enany has initiated a globally connected course for international business in the Spring 2018 semester. 

BADM 301/3002 - International Business students will partner up with a class on international politics at Denison University. The course will utilize an innovative structure that provides an excellent opportunity for students in Cairo to mesh with counterparts in America and understand the key role that politics – particularly in today’s environment – plays in international business. 

As part of the collaboration, students will utilize cutting-edge technological platforms, creative teaching, and experiential learning to work together on shared discussions and assignments, all while submerging themselves in political topics that they might not necessarily have a firm background in. 

The joint-class initiative came together in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA), an association of liberal-arts institutions from around the world, at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland last June 2017.

El Enany utilized the initiative to connect with Dane Imerman, an assistant professor of political science and international studies at Denison University. On the whole, the workshop served as an excellent learning experience for connecting courses, finding out more about other liberal-arts universities across the world and solidifying connections for future course partnerships. 

As El Enany explains: “The forum provided an opportunity for future potential course connections that might not seem immediately obvious at first, such as combining drama with management, or history with management and creative writing. These teaching and learning strategies enable students to understand and indeed appreciate the importance of role-play and identities in the workplace.”

The collaboration with Denison University will follow an inventive path in an interactive, internationally mindful structure that is directly in line with the ethos of the AUC School of Business.

With such experimentally ambitious classes, the School ensures that students are as internationally oriented as they are wholesomely aware of the intricacies of the world of business – a well-roundedness that is equally conducive to academic and personal development.