Executive Education Holds Intensive Training Programs in Kuwait


Today, more than ever, ExecEd is recognizing the importance of sharing best practices and expanding the substantial role it plays in providing world-class educational programs across the Middle East.

In collaboration with the Union of Investment Companies, ExecEd held two training programs –  “Leading Organization Transformation” and “Leadership Development” – for the first time in Kuwait during December 2017.

The workshops delivered key insight on how leaders can contribute to driving organizational change at all levels – not just at the top – and how they can support their organizations’ strives to achieve strategic goals.

“We are very excited about our introduction to the Kuwaiti business network through our first executive development and training services offered in partnership with the Union of Investment Companies,” stated Executive Director of Business Development at ExecEd Noha Korayem.

She added: “With the rise of the ‘localization’ movement in the Gulf, we [ExecEd] are happy to play a major role in delivering needed capacity-building programs for local Kuwaiti managers and executives. Our two leadership courses, conducted by Associate Professor at IE Business School Steve D'Souza, introduced more than 20 Kuwaiti leading executives in the financial sector to the latest trends and innovations in organizational transformation and leadership development.”

Some of Kuwait’s top organizations’ executives indeed seized the opportunity to participate in the workshops to gain a better understanding of how interpersonal skills and self-development ensure a productive, collaborative and healthy work environment.

ExecEd will continue its efforts to have significant contributions to development in Egypt and the international community in diverse fields moving forward.