Initiating “WIND”- A Welcome Induction for Newly Declared Students of Fall 2019

wind 2019

On a bright sunlit day, the School welcomed the latest group of newly declared business students of Fall 2019 at the AUC Gardens, featuring special guest finance alumnus and Egyptian Singer Abu.


The event, while having a fair share of celebration and excitement to it, was also one full of words to live by from our dean, associate dean of undergraduate studies and administration, and finance alumnus and Egyptian Singer Abu.


Ahmed Abdel Meguid, associate dean of undergraduate studies and administration, congratulated students on their joining of the School and advised them to enjoy their journey and try to attain a well-rounded experience rather than stress on the grades, which while significant, are not a higher priority than the learning experience.


Before starting his lively performance and singing some of his most well-known songs, Abu allocated sufficient time to recall the days when he was a student and gave remarkable insights to students on the most proficient method to begin their journey and highlighted how to build an impactful character. “Character is not built through declaring business and getting grades, grades are a second arm. Character is built through interaction in a different context than education, such as joining clubs for instance”, he stressed, continuing: “University was my pilot to try everything in a gated community before I step into the real world.”


Following the performance, students did not miss the opportunity to take a group photo to carve the memory of the WIND 2019 occasion, before they were left to mingle and network with student clubs and sponsors, who introduced the activities of the various student clubs and encouraged them to join and provided detailed explanations of the different concentrations offered for students within the major. Several competitions and icebreakers also took place to acquaint students with one another, while each of them received a personalized giveaway notebook with their name, welcoming them to the family of the AUC School of Business.


Despite the rising number of our business graduates, it’s still always a proud moment for us to witness the welcoming of a new batch. “Students are always our favorites. During their entire journey, the School endeavors to build a family for the School and a team that extends way past graduation”, attests dean Sherif Kamel. At the School of Business, we try to personalize the journey of each and every one of our students from the day they become part of the School, providing them with an experience that goes way beyond the classroom and the scholarly experience, one they’ll reflect on forever.