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Group photo for the rec ceremony

REC 2023-2024 Awards Ceremony

Sandra Emtenan
July 3, 2024

AUC School of Business Celebrates Excellence: REC 2023-2024 Awards Ceremony

The AUC School of Business lit up the evening of June 27, 2024, with its annual Recognition of Excellence Ceremony (REC). This year's event, held at Moataz Al Alfi Hall, AUC New Cairo. The ceremony spotlighted the remarkable achievements of our faculty members, staff, and the 10% top-performing students from the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 graduating classes. The event also serves as a chance to honor the hard work and dedication of our exceptional faculty and staff members.

A Night of Recognition and Inspiration

We celebrated the significant achievements of 23 graduate and undergraduate students. Additionally, the event was also a reminder of the community's strength and dedication at the AUC School of Business, 13 awards were handed out to honor faculty, staff, distinguished alumni, and athletic achievement. Each award and acknowledgment served as a testament to the vibrant spirit and resilience that thrive within our campus walls.

“One factor will remain key essential and invaluable, and that is, you; the human capital, the promising talent – which by the way, is rare to find these days – the most precious resource and asset of every organization and every society,” asserted Dean Sherif Kamel in his welcoming remarks.


Innovation and Impact: Inspiring Graduates to Leave a Lasting Mark

AUC School of Business alumnus and recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award, Hossam Heiba, President of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI), inspired the graduates with his insightful remarks.

“As you step into the world, carry the torch of innovation and creativity with you. It's not just about reaching new heights but making enduring marks," said Heiba. 

Heiba encouraged students to excel academically, face challenges boldly, and innovate for societal advancement. He stressed the importance of self-confidence and leaving a lasting impact.

A Community of Excellence: 

The REC 2024 was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the bright futures that lie ahead for these remarkable students. 

Congratulations to all the students, faculty, and staff who were honored at this event. Your hard work and perseverance set the gold standard for excellence and inspire all of us to continue striving for success.


REC 2024 Awardees

  • Ahmed Elbayoumi: Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Tarek El Domiaty: Excellence in Research Award
  • Maha Mourad: Excellence in Academic Service Award
  • Amal Mowafi: Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Dina Rateb: Distinguished Faculty Appreciation Award
  • Sally Morshed: Management Excellence Award
  • Farida Mahgoub: Staff Excellence Award
  • Mahmoud Mohamed Waly: International Experience Award
  • Ezzeldin Hazem Sharaf: International Experience Award and BGS Membership
  • Marwan Abdelwahab: Omar Mohsen Memorial Award
  • Malak Mohamed Awad: Stephen S. Everhart
  • Entrepreneurs' Society: Student Academic Association Award


Recognized Students Class of Fall 2023

Master of Arts In Economics: 

  • Karim Ashraf Mohamed Ahmed

Master of Arts in Economics in International Development: 

  • Noha Gaafar Abdallah Hussein

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

  • Amira Samir Shafik Tadros

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA):

  • Sally Alaaeldin Darwish Imam Soliman
  •  Ronzi Helmi Tawfik Ibrahim

CEMS Master in International Management

  • Sarah Usama Elgindy

Master of Science in Finance

  • Mohamed Adel Abdelmoneim Elkelawy

Bachelor of Accounting

  • Hana Ahmad Fathi Ali Elsherif
  • Karim Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Salem
  • Nour Emad Mohamed Osman Ibrahim
  • Nouran Alaaeldin Sayed Mohamed Hassan

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Farah Alber Gendy Reyad Takla
  • Nada Ehab Fekry Ahmed Rady Elanany
  • Sherif Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelkhalek Elshenawy

Bachelor of Business and Entreneurship

  • Miriam Ashraf Kamal Aziz
  • Zeina Waleed Elsaeed Mohamed Gad

Bachelor of Business in Finance

  • Mahmoud Ayman Abdelmegeed Galal Sweefy
  • Nathalie Hany Saad Matta
  • Nouran Ayman Abdelsalam Elshewikh

Bachelor of Business in Marketing

  • Alia Tamer Elsayed Mohamed Elmalhy
  • Karine Ashraf Wadie Sorial Abdelsaid
  • Nada Ayman Abdelfattah Mohamed Mohamed Shawki
  • Sara Afifi

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology

  • Nadin Ihab Elsayed Abdelsamie Mossad
  • Salma Mohamed Mostafa Abdelrahman Laban

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

  • Fady Refky Ragheb Habashy
  • Hana Ahmed Gamal Kamal Elakhras
  • Nadine Wael Fouad Sayed Fahmy
  • Sohaila Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelgawwad Elawady


Recognized Students Class of Spring 2024

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Ahmed Samy Mohamed Tawfik Abdallah
  • Mohamed Ashraf Adly Gadalla

Master of Arts In Economics

  • Yassmin Alaaeldin Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Shehata

Master of Science In Finance

  • Ahmed Abdel Wahab Ahmed Mohamed Khalil

Bachelor of Accounting

  • Karim Said Elsayed Mohamed
  • Mostafa Salah Abdelhamid Abdelmaksoud Heikal
  • Omar Ahmed Mohamed Aly Afify

Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Hania Omar Aly Boraey Mahmoud Awean

Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Ezzeldin Hazem Abdelhamid Ali Sharaf
  • Yassmine Ossama Kotb Shalapy

Bachelor of Business in Finance

  • Ahmed Mohamed Sabry Adly Abdelhafiz
  • Habiba Amin Ahmed Said
  • Ingy Ashraf Ebrahim Kotb
  • Jad Hussam Abbas
  • Mariam Rafik Mohamed Abdelfattah Khalil
  • Zeina Bassem Ibrahim Azab Ibrahim

Bachelor of Business in Marketing

  • Haya Hesham Hussein Safy Eldin Mohamed
  • Karen Hany Solhy Ghaly
  • Mayada Medhat Ahmed Ibrahim Elhusseiny
  • Nadine Mohamed Ahmed Aly Samy Elbalouly
  • Mennaallah Hussein Ahmed Nehad Mohamed Youssri
  • Sarah Ahmed Abdallah Ahmed

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology

  • Adham Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdelrahman Elgohary
  • Ahmed Adel Sobhy Mohamed
  • Fadia Adel Habib Tadros

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

  • Farah Mohamed Adel Khalil Sewilam
  • Fathy Mohamed Fathy Ali Assasa
  • Raghad Tarek Nabil Bahgat Makhlouf
  • Shahd Mohamed Reda Mohamed Zaky Assar
  • Shahd Ahmed Mohammed Atef Abouelleil
  • Zeina Mohamed Metwally Mohamed Shalaby