Recognition of Excellence Ceremony (REC) Awards 2020

Students and Faculty of REC

On February 27, the Business Recognition of Excellence Ceremony was held to celebrate the academic excellence of our top-performing students of Fall 2019 across undergraduate and graduate programs, in addition to recognizing outstanding staff and faculty members of the School.


This semester witnessed the first “restructured” honors assembly, now titled the Recognition of Excellence Ceremony (REC), recognizing the success and efforts of our top graduating students.


“For the past 25 years, we used to have a different structure for the event; it used to be much bigger, but it also used to recognize so many people. We opted to have it differently as of this semester, where we have it more exclusive, more special, and we’re only recognizing the top 10% of our students,” clarified dean Sherif Kamel in his welcoming remarks.  


During the ceremony, 4 graduate and 16 undergraduate students were recognized among the Fall 2019 graduates. Moreover, five general awards were dedicated to faculty appreciation, management excellence, staff excellence, distinguished alumni, and athletic achievement.


While GPA is the most common criterion to measure excellence in academic settings, excellence for business professionals and business leaders is far more complex than a digit with a maximum value of four.


On how the School defines true excellence, Ahmed Abdel Meguid, associate dean for undergraduate studies and administration expressed: “True excellence is sustainable. As long as you make sure it’s a continuous long-term trend, beyond the natural temporary quick wins and short-lived disappointments, you’ll be okay. True excellence is also impactful- so use the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on a person, a team, an organization, or even on society. True excellence is humbling- it leads to self-confidence and just the right amount will drive you to learn new things, take calculated risks, and expect new challenges with neither for nor complacency”, additionally asserting: “True excellence is a team outcome; your team could be your family, friends, mentors, or colleagues, and trust me you have reached here tonight because someone supported you. Appreciate and preserve that someone.”


Below are the awardees whom we sincerely congratulate and honor for their outstanding performances and the photo gallery of the event can be found here.


Honored Graduate Students:

  • Mirna Hani Soliman Awad, Master of Arts in Economics
  • Shady Abdel Salam Abdel Fattah Shama, Master of Business Administration
  • Suzan Galaleldin Mohamed Mohamed Kenawy, Master of Business Administration
  • Kariman Karem Kordy AbdelFattah, Master of Science in Finance


Honored Undergraduate Students:

  • Asmaa Mohamed Wahba Al Naggar, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
  • Amira Hossam Mohamed Kamel Aboulfotouh, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
  • Zyad Mohamed Mohamed Abdellatif, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
  • Farah Osama Mohamed El Saieed Aly, Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Donia Khaled Mostafa Kamel Abdelfattah, Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Nada Nafea Mohamed Nafea Khalifa, Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Youssef Mahmoud Sayed Sabek, Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Sylvia Akram Anis Kozman Ghobrial, Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business)
  • Sandy Ashraf Fouad William, Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Carol Hani Robert Narchi, Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Omar Fadi Kamal El-Din Morsi, Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Yosra Mohamed Farouk Hassan Ali, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)
  • Salma Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy, Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Economic Development and Policy Analysis)
  • Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Ali Gadelrab, Bachelor of Arts in Economics (General Economics)
  • Ahmed Walid Mahmoud Sherif, Bachelor of Arts in Economics (General Economics)
  • Kareem Amr Ibrahim Elsahn, Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Quantitative and Financial Economics)


General Awards:


  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Khaled Hashem, Honeywell President - Egypt & Libya

Bestowed on alumni who have made distinct contributions to their fields and serve as ideal role models and exemplary leaders for graduates.


  • Staff Excellence Award: Shereen Mounir, Communication Specialist, El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC)

Dedicated to staff members who go above and beyond in their day to day responsibilities with outstanding dedication, competence, and performance.


  • Management Excellence Award: Nancy Sidhom, Senior Manager, Operations

Honoring management staff whose initiatives and contributions have brought tangible business gains for the success of the School.


  • Faculty Appreciation Award: Hazem Yassin, Former Professor of Accounting

Recognizing faculty members who actively contributed to the development of the School and promoted relationships among students, faculty, staff, and alumni beyond the demand of their jobs in the past.


  • Omar Mohsen Memorial Award: Mohanad Metwally ‘19, Finance Graduate

Presented to a student of the graduating class who has demonstrated outstanding athletic skills and achievement in practice and competition.