School of Business Named by Eduniversal as Africa’s Finest

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The placement, in many ways, crystallizes the holistic business-education excellence found in every corner of the School. Indeed, from its well-crafted mix of experiential-learning classes across its three departments on the undergraduate level to its practical, exposure-based graduate programs, the School’s commitment to the very best in education does not evade the eye. 

Cutting-edge research centers, one of the region’s biggest university-based startup accelerators and world-class community-engagement activities within the School further allow its impact to be felt externally as well as internally – a key element in forward-thinking institutions. Remaining at the forefront of innovation, for the School, is the best method for granting tomorrow’s business leaders the keys for future success.

Eduniversal’s listing is arguably the biggest recent signifier for such continued ingenuity. The ranking, which classifies the best 1000 business schools across 154 countries into five leagues of Palmes of Excellence, is considered one of the industry’s best in marking educational proficiency. 

This year, the School received a recommendation of 380‰ – a noteworthy jump from last year’s 253‰ – to proudly sit at the top of the continental ranking for the first time since joining Eduniversal in 2008. The achievement is a testament to the relentless efforts and exemplary commitment to excellence by the entire School team. 

“We are very delighted and proud of this historic achievement,” stated Interim Dean of the School, Nizar Becheikh,

He added: “Coming in as the best business school in Africa is the culmination of the constant diligence of all members of the School, whom I want to warmheartedly thank and congratulate on their exceptional dedication and commitment.”

Along with being named as the best in Africa, it bears mentioning that the recent Eduniversal ranking once again placed the AUC School of Business among the 100 best business schools worldwide within the Five Palmes of Excellence league. The distinction illustrates that the School is considered a universal knowledge hub with a correspondingly sizable global influence.