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Why study entrepreneurship? Our students give us their verdict

Nouran Rabie
February 2, 2023

“It is a common misconception that one must be born with typical ‘entrepreneurial’ qualities such as risk-taking and determination, however in actuality, entrepreneurship is a mindset that can be taught and integrated within education systems; drive, decisiveness, and determination are all qualities that can be fueled by programs that support youth and nurture this mindset.” – Yasmin Tarek, business and entrepreneurship undergraduate student.

According to the 2021 entrepreneurial spirit index published by IPSOS, 29 percent of Generation Z were ranked as having a very high entrepreneurial spirit. According to The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s (MICT) 2021 Egyptian Startup Ecosystem Report, Egypt has the fourth largest startup ecosystem in Africa, with at least 562 tech startups in operation across the country as of September 2021.

These numbers are just a few of the endless statistics indicating the new generation’s huge appetite for entrepreneurship, especially in Egypt. But what does this mean for a business school? How can you study entrepreneurship? And what do educational institutions have to offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

Tarek is not only a business and entrepreneurship major, but she is also the CEO of the student-run Entrepreneurs' Society.

“Through my experience, I truly believe that regardless of a student’s predefined educational pursuit (whether you’re enrolled in a science or arts degree), entrepreneurship allows an individual to shed those extra layers of caution and rigidity, thus revealing someone authentic, agile, and autonomous,” articulated Tarek.

“At its core, AUC School of Business fosters creativity and innovation, transforming a student from a youthful bud with a thirst for knowledge to a flourishing confident adult that is well-rounded and courageous,” she continued.

Graduating senior Maged Khalaf, shared his thoughts on why he thinks it is important to study entrepreneurship in this day and age.

“Now is a time where there is a lot of innovation and shifts in consumer behavior as well as the structure of businesses and their purpose,” he said, adding: “Learning and studying entrepreneurship helps future managers and entrepreneurs to better themselves their community and the country as a whole by understanding pressing needs, innovating for a more sustainable future and avoiding malpractice.”

“As a student majoring in Business Administration (and concentrating in International Finance), I believe that my preexisting thirst for knowledge was flawlessly supplemented and supported by the School and its entrepreneurship courses, thereby allowing me to further unveil ambitious qualities and thrive within the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Tarek.

She added: “Within my educational pursuit, I found my path and my purpose, crafted meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, and infiltrated the entrepreneurial ecosystem — all in a short span of four years.”

“I've learned a lot from entrepreneurship, especially with regards to creating a new business or firm as well as entrepreneurial activities in mature industries,” expressed Khalaf.

He continued: “The focus shifts from traditional management to management of innovation and it has an effect on how I approach certain issues and problems, as well as the level of risk I can and am willing to take.”

To supplement her studies, Tarek made the best out of the realm of opportunities offered to the students of the School.

“Competitions, courses, and certifications have all played a crucial role in signifying my ambitious character; the opportunities are endless, and being a Business Administration major student means that I am immersed within an environment that enables me to craft my own version of success and flourish within the workforce or entrepreneurial ecosystem,” she explained.

Tarek concluded by stating how the AUC School of Business, in particular, has aided her career and ambitions.

“The School has created a nurturing environment, allowing me to excel in my academic pursuit and evince the entrepreneurial mindset. I have been able to flourish as an individual and unveil ambitious qualities within myself to reveal someone knowledgeable, open-minded, and capable of excelling at leadership. 

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