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Our graduate programs are geared toward helping you emerge as an impactful, responsible, and competent professional that has all the right tools to stand tall in the face of global adversities as well as harness life-changing opportunities. Learn how to navigate the challenges of today's open and interlinked market spaces, face the ever-growing fierce competition and venture into foreign markets with our internationally top-ranked masters programs. This is your gateway to growth and success. Start now!

Programs Offered

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If you are searching for the knowledge and skills that will help you pursue a management career, an MBA from AUC is the right step. It will introduce you to the tools you need to conduct constructive analysis and will help you develop a managerial perspective to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s ever-changing local, regional and global business environment. Take your first step towards the management ladder today!


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Executive MBA

As an executive, you have the experience and potential to reform or advance your business; you just need the right tools. Our EMBA program focuses on integrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in management education to equip you with the business acumen and frame of mind to bring your business to the next level. Lead your business to new professional heights!

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CEMS Master in International Management

Prestigious international careers are a growing opportunity for you, but you need the right tools to harness them. CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) is a prestigious global business degree that is acknowledged as the best passport for an international career in business. CEMS MIM will prepare you to become a socially responsible global citizen with high standards of performance and respect for cultural diversity. Become a global business leader, start now!

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Master of Science in Finance

With the increasing interconnectedness of global economies and the cross-border reach of businesses, basic financial models are not enough to keep up. Our Master of Science in Finance program helps participants advance their careers in the finance field and keep up with the growth in the banking and financial services sector in Egypt and the world. Learn to harness financial opportunities of the modern global economies.

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Master of Arts in Economics

The ins and outs of today’s economic system are more complex than ever with the interdependence and interplay of global economies. The Master of Arts in Economics program sheds light on the dynamics and flow of modern economic systems and helps you identify the mechanism spearheading economic policy and the intricacies of the roadmap connecting world economies. Learn
how the modern economic system actually works.

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Master of Economics in International Development

Economic development is a cornerstone for government policies and non-profits’ work. The development field derives its importance from the implication it has on the quality of life of citizens and the advancement of nations.

This program is designed for students who wish to acquire an advanced understanding of the field of development economics. The program adopts a highly interdisciplinary approach as an essential requirement for gaining a broader and more integrated perspective of the field study. Learn how to bring about nation-wide change.

Graduate Economics

Graduate Diploma in Economics in International Development

This interdisciplinary diploma provides a broader and more integrated perspective of development issues. The program is essential if you are aiming to gain basic understanding and knowledge of development economics without proceeding towards a master’s degree. 


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Eduniversal Ranking

Five Palmes League of Excellence - 100 universal business schools with a strong global influence

First - School of Business in Africa 2022 - 2023

Second - Executive MBA program in Africa 2022 - 2023

First - MBA Program – Elective in Operations Management in Africa 2022 - 2023

First - Master of Arts in Economics in Africa 2022 - 2023

Second - MBA program in Africa 2022 - 2023

Second - Master of Science in Finance in Africa 2022 - 2023

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QS Ranking

4th - MBA in the Middle East and Africa Region 2023
101 - 110 - QS Top Global MBA Ranking 2023
111 - 120 - QS Top Global EMBA Ranking 2022
131 - 140 - Master of Finance World Ranking 2023