The EMBA program enhances managerial leadership skills and helps develop future executives' abilities to address global business challenges with creativity and innovation, changing the ways they think, decide, act, relate and solve problems. The program is designed for experienced executives with significant work experience (a minimum of eight years) who are preparing to advance to the next level in their career to senior management positions within their organizations. Targeted participants are seeking to push their boundaries and limits with a strategic vision, as well as skill and leadership development, which are applicable to their current positions and conducive to promotions within their organizations.

  • Minimum of eight years of work experience after graduation
  • GMAT is not required.
  • English-language proficiency (the University's graduate admission requirements apply)
  • Letter of commitment from your company allowing you to attend all the module of the program (the full schedule will be available before the start of the program)
  • Admission is also subject to the general University requirements for graduate programs.



$45,000 paid in 4 installments (including two live-in weeks in the United States and China, excluding airfare)