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Knowledge is borderless and learning should have no precincts. We take undergraduates beyond the borders of the classroom to explore the practical side of the business world and help them experience firsthand how theory and practice overlay. The true value behind knowledge is not accumulating it but knowing how to effectively use it and apply it in the right context. With that in mind, we actively push our students to tackle real-life case studies, projects, competitions, and experiences all while expanding their local and global knowledge from faculty with real-world expertise in tandem.

Nevertheless, our stride towards excellence does not stop here, we make sure we give our students an edge through:

  • Continuously applying innovative teaching tools that introduce students to practical applications, including international business simulations, experiential learning and game theory within the classroom.

  • Regularly inviting industry leaders to share their experiences, journey and knowledge with our students in the classroom.

  • Exploring beyond the boundaries of the class, the university, the country to a boundless global experience.


We believe excellence is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey

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Khaled Dahawy, Professor, Department of Accounting

Dina Abdel Fattah, Interim Chair, Department of Economics

Maha Mourad, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administration

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The Bachelor of Accounting is the right choice if you’re looking for highly technical financial knowledge that is complemented by an unrivaled exposure to the practical side of accounting.
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If you seek to understand the rationale guiding nation-wide decisions and policies affecting you and your environment, the Bachelor of Arts in Economics is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts that govern economic policies.
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Business and Entrepreneurship

A successful economic future for Egypt, the Middle East, and the world is highly dependent on a basic understanding of business principles and practices and how they apply to firms in a dynamic environment. Through a degree with real-world industry experience embedded in its curriculum, turning a vision into reality or enhancing existing business practices around the world will become possible.
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In essence, finance provides the bigger picture for any organization. With the proliferation of ground-breaking fintech services, the unprecedented growth in banking, and the interconnectedness of global economies dominating the scene, the role of finance has become increasingly central to businesses.
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Management of Information and Communication Technology

As businesses increasingly realize the importance of new technologies, the need for information and communication experts is at its peak. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) is designed to adapt its content to a local context, congruent with the needs of Egyptian organizations and capable of addressing IT challenges that arise in day-to-day operations while mastering real-world ICT issues.
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Marketing is a vital function of business operations impacting the success or failure of any business. Marketing examines consumer perceptions, wants and needs, and develops strategies that adapt to a society’s evolving trends. Marketing is the foundation that enables businesses to make smart and insightful decisions that empower them to grow.
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What Our Students Say

Business graduates do not just join the workforce, they influence it, shape it and change it for the better. The program teaches them not only to recognize opportunity but to create it. This is a necessary skill in a business environment that is constantly evolving. A business and management studies degree prepares students for a career in business, which may stretch across any sector or industry, therefore career options are varied.
Sara Aly ElAzhary

I contribute a great deal of credit for the success I have in my career to the top-notch knowledge I gained from studying accounting at AUC School of Business. I am thankful to the professors for the level of commitment they had in preparing me for the workforce. I stay involved with AUC to this day as a graduate teaching assistant and I am proud to be part of the Accounting family.  

Sara Aly Elazhary '20, Accounting Major
Wassila Elfeky

Economics is many disciplines brought into one, and I find that to be the most intriguing part about the major. Whether you enjoy maths and statistics, love history and understanding the past or you find your passion in developmental and qualitative economics, this department is the place for you. You are surrounded by faculty from all over the world with experiences in every career path you can imagine ranging from financial advising to governmental roles. Every day in this major is a new opportunity for inspiration and enlightenment. Wherever you plan on ending up, this is the place to start.

Wassila Elfeky, Economics Major
Ali Labana

I believe that studying finance not only prepares you for careers in the financial services sector, but it is also important for tasks in your everyday personal life. Financial illiteracy, in general, is considered one of the biggest issues in today's society. Unfortunately, money management is not a topic that is typically taught in schools, which is one of the reasons why finance jobs are constantly in demand in the market.

Ali Labana '21, Business Major (Finance)

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Boasting an unrivaled reputation as the top private business school in Egypt and one of the best in Africa and the Arab world, the AUC School of Business is dedicated to realizing a positive human impact that is scalable and sustainable. Learn what makes the experience at the School of Business is a unique one.

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