Council of the School of Business

We established the School of Businesses (CSB) council to create an inclusive environment where all our stakeholders are empowered to actively engage and shape their learning environment.

The council acts as both a governing and advisory body for the School of Business. It is comprised of a representative council consisting of the school’s faculty, students, and staff to ensure their participation in the school's governance and their inclusion in the decision-making process regarding issues that affect them.

The council serves as a focal platform for the dean, who is a non-voting member, to discuss important issues with the school community and to share updates and new school initiatives.

The council meets six to eight times annually to discuss, advise on and resolve pivotal issues concerning the School of Business, such as policies, academic programs, students and faculty affairs and intellectual contributions.

The CBS is supported by five operational committees:

1. The Faculty Affairs Committee
2. The Academic Governance and Policy Committee
3. The Research and Grants Committee
4. The Budget Committee
5. The Assessment of Learning Standing Committee
To ensure the functionality and effectiveness of the CSB, the council is governed by bylaws that are updated regularly to reflect new policies and committees

Council of the School of Business

Council of School of Business Chair and Co-Chair

Maha ElShinnawy Chair of the CSB
Dina Bassiouni Co-Chair of the CSB

School of Business Associate Deans

Maha Mourad Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Administration
Ghada Howaidy Associate Dean for Executive Education
Samer Atallah Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Department Chairs

Khaled Dahawy Chair of the Department of Accounting
Dina Abdel Fattah Chair of the Department of Economics
Ahmed Tolba Chair of the Department of Management

Heads of Centers and Offices

Hala Barakat Research Centers Representative
Eman Mourad Senior Manager of Student Services and Development Office
Rasha Morshed Senior Manager of the Office of Academic Assessment and Accreditation
Wafaa Sabry Senior Director for External Relations 

Faculty Representatives

Mohamed Basuony Accounting Department
Dina Bassiouny Management Department

Academic Directors of Graduate Programs

Jasmin Fouad MSc in Finance Director
Hakim Meshreki CEMS

Staff Representative

Engy Magdy Staff Representative

Students Representatives

Nathalie Kamel Undergraduate Student Accounting Department
Omar Abdel Wahab Undergraduate Student Economics Department
Nadeen Soliman Undergraduate Student Management Department
Mofida Bassioni Graduate Student Representative

Non-Voting Members

Sherif Kamel Dean of the School of Business
Nizar Becheikh Former Dean of the School of Business
Medhat Hassanein Former CSB Chair