School Joins Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education


The Babson Collaborative for Entrepreneurship Education is a global business school partnership which supports participating schools to increase their capacity and capability of educational entrepreneurship offerings through a well-rounded collaborative platform that allows for seamless knowledge sharing among its constituents.

As part of the Collaborative, member universities engage in activities within five key focus areas including faculty development, affiliation and networking, strengthening intellectual vitality, student engagement, and growing an entrepreneurial commitment. These activities are aimed at supporting the member academic institutions achieve depth and breadth in entrepreneurship education.

“Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the AUC School of Business. Our deep-rooted commitment to developing relevance and leadership in this transformational field, has guided our educational, outreach and research agenda for close to a decade” points out Dean Sherif Kamel “we are delighted with the new partnership with Babson College which is an important step in linking with international counterparts, providing relevance as well as sharing the incredible journey the school of business, Egypt and the regions at large has undergone in developing a thriving and prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystem.” 

As entrepreneurship has progressed at a fast pace in recent years throughout the world – with a noticeably promising ecosystem bubbling up in Egypt – the AUC School of Business has sought to provide the market with the needed skills for continued growth moving forward.

With its continuously expanding list of entrepreneurship classes and entrepreneurship-boosting initiatives – not to mention the region’s most successful university-based startup incubator, the AUC Venture Lab – the School takes pride in its status as a true entrepreneurial hub at the heart of the Middle East and North Africa.

Its integration within the Babson Collaborative is set to push that vision forward even further.

'Being part of the Babson Collaborative is enriching both for faculty and students, with AUC faculty beginning to form collaborations not only with faculty from Babson College but also from across the world.” States assistant professor of organizational behavior and AUC lead of the collaborative Nellie El Enany, adding that “The richness of this diversity creates thought-provoking and informative discourse through the collaborative and the wonderful thing is that this then gets translated into the classroom, research and to practice.”

Since its foundation in 2016, the Babson Collaborative has quickly expanded to nearly every corner of the globe. The collaborative, which is led by Babson College the top-ranked college for entrepreneurship education, is shaped by a consistent strive for educational ingenuity to advance entrepreneurship within its member schools.

With the AUC School of Business now joining, the Babson Collaborative is one step closer to greater integration and advancement of educational entrepreneurship knowledge both among its members and beyond.