Research Excellence

Committed to Impactful Research

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Here at AUC School of Business, we believe in our faculty and student’s potential to create impactful research that will help shape the communities around them.

In stance with our commitment to fostering a vibrant and empowering research ecosystem, we built a research environment engineered to support our community with both enabling financial resources and cutting-edge technical capital.


We understand that creating impactful research requires focus, that’s why we adopted the MIG (Multidisciplinary, Impact, Glocalization) Research Strategy to help us focus on the cornerstones of impactful research.

  • Multidisciplinary: We encourage faculty to explore outside of their narrow specialization by engaging with researchers in other fields; pushing our faculty to widen the scope and maximize the impact of the research all while enriching their own knowledge.
  • Impact: We support our faculty and students, by elaborating quality research output that has significant value and impact on both the academic community and the businesses world.
  • Glocalization: We promote research projects that integrate the latest global research trends and methodologies into research focused on advancing Egypt, the Arab region and developing countries in general. "

Our school’s ambition is to be a knowledge bridge between Egypt, the Arab region and the rest of the world. Playing on the school’s opportune geographical position, we endeavor to assume regional leadership in not only creating and disseminating new knowledge but also in tailoring international knowledge for the benefit of the region.