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The Department of Economics at AUC School of Business is the first economics department founded in Egypt. Since its establishment in 1947, the department has managed through its solid curriculum and reputable faculty to produce highly qualified graduates who have then assumed key positions in local-private and governmental- as well as international institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 

This continuous rejuvenation in the Department of Economics, while maintaining a high degree of rigor, has made the economics major a very popular concentration for AUC students throughout the years. In addition, courses offered by the department are often chosen by students to satisfy their collateral and core requirements, making the process of satisfying this ever-increasing demand with high-quality courses a constant challenge for the department that has managed to balance over its long history.

By virtue of its location in Egypt, the Department of Economics at AUC is in the enviable position of having access to the rich archival material in this country. In addition, AUC benefits from the presence of several policy think tanks in Cairo as well as the many regional offices of international institutions, many of which producing research for the whole MENA region.

Our Programs

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Undergraduate Programs In Economics

If you seek to understand the rationale guiding national-wide decisions and policies that affect you and your environment, The BA in Economics is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts that govern economic policies.

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Master of Arts in Economics

The ins and outs of today’s economic system are more complex than ever with the interdependence and interplay of global economies. The MA program sheds light on the dynamics and flow of modern economic systems and helps you identify the mechanism spearheading economic policy and the intricacies of the roadmap connecting world economies. Learn how the modern economic system actually works.

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Master of Economics in International Development

This program is designed for students who wish to acquire an advanced understanding of the field of development economics. The program adopts a highly interdisciplinary approach as an essential requirement for gaining a broader and more integrated perspective of the field study. Learn how to bring about nation-wide change.

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Graduate Diploma in Economics in International Development

This interdisciplinary diploma program provides a broader and more integrated perspective of development issues. This program is essential if you’re aiming to gain a basic understanding and knowledge of development economics without proceeding towards a master’s degree. 

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