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The Department of Management was established in 1972 and aims to develop business leaders who are dedicated to the betterment of society by providing high-quality business education to top-caliber students from all segments of Egyptian society as well as from other countries. The department aims to provide high-quality contemporary style business education that blends a global perspective with national cultures and is relevant to the business needs of Egypt and the region.
Our programs encourage the development of an entrepreneurial spirit and emphasize creativity, innovation, individual initiative and teamwork. Additionally, we provide a learning environment that fosters faculty/student communication, and promotes lifelong learning as well as career development. We also encourage faculty development activities that improve teaching, maintain competence and that
keep faculty member’s current with ideas and concepts in their field. Our department seeks to develop a portfolio of intellectual contributions to learning and pedagogy, and to practice and to the theory and knowledge base of the disciplines.
Finally, the management department encourages the establishment of close partnerships with the business community, through consultancies and service that enhance the intellectual and economic quality of Egypt, while enriching the learning process.


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BA in Business Administration/ Business Administration MICT

Do you want to know how to bring your ideas to life? How to effectively steer your way in an increasingly complex business environment? The Bachelor of Business Administration holds all the answers you need to not only manage but strive in a dynamic environment. When you have a solid business foundation and an in-depth concentration in finance, marketing or management, a lot of doors are opened.

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Business Administration Minors

A minor offers students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to develop a well-rounded business background.

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Master in International Management (CEMS)

Prestigious international careers are a growing opportunity for you, but you need the right tools to harness them. CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) is a prestigious global business degree that is acknowledged as the best passport for an international career in business! CEMS MIM will prepare you to become a socially responsible global citizen with high standards of performance and respect for cultural diversity. Become a global business leader, start now. 

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Master of Science in Finance

With the increasing interconnectedness of global economies and the cross-border reach of businesses, basic financial models aren’t enough to keep up. The MSF at AUC helps participants advance their careers in the finance field and keep up with the growth in the banking and financial services sector in Egypt and the world. Learn to harness financial opportunities of the modern global economies.

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