AUC School of Business Celebrates 2019 Midyear Commencement

group of graduating students

On January 29, the AUC School of Business held its Midyear Commencement in Bassily Auditorium. Different from tradition, this commencement was the first of the new intimate school-based commencement format, whereas the norm was for AUC graduates of different schools to attend the same commencement on the same day. 

The commencement witnessed the graduation of 151 undergraduates along with 21 graduates. While acknowledging the exemplary hard work and dedication of 24 students graduating with cum laude, 31 students with magna cum laude, and 36 students with summa cum laude. 

With the celebration of AUC’s centennial around the corner, this year is even more special in that it marks the ten-year anniversary for the School of Business since it was rebranded and reshaped with the aim of developing entrepreneurial and responsible global leaders who can make a difference. 

Dean Sherif Kamel, gave the Class of 2019 a memorable speech, highlighting three key pieces of advice to enable the students to become the School’s ambassadors to the world. In specific, he urged the graduating class to “be an entrepreneur, be a responsible leader, and be a student of life”. In addition, he pinpointed that “learning is always a long life journey, it is never a destination”.  

Subsequently, class representative Mohamed Kandil gave a motivating and catchy speech to his fellow colleagues, emphasizing the role of decision-making in our lives and reflected on his journey during his four years at AUC and how the experience influenced his ability to make decisions. In a very delighted manner, he vocalized: “Now as we look ahead, we no longer have a syllabus outlining for us what the next semester is going to be like. From this point onwards, we write our own syllabus!”

Now, our graduates are equipped to tackle the real world and we believe the School has laid a solid foundation upon which these graduates can be the agents of change in the world. We take pride in the accomplishments of every student, and sincerely wish them well! As Dean Sherif Kamel said: “You are the testament of the school aspiration and success!”