AUC School of Business Official Sponsor of EFMD Responsible Business Case Competition Track

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In a newly signed agreement, AUC School of Business is now the official sponsor of a new category of case studies within the EFMD case writing competitions, namely the responsible business category, championed by El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center.

The responsible business case studies will mainly incorporate cases that address corporate governance, financial reporting and auditing, integrated reporting, anti-corruption, business ethics, social marketing, gender equality, corporate sustainability, and responsible business education and practices.

The case writing competitions encourage innovative and impactful case writing and teaching since 1988. Moreover, assessment takes place by an international judging panel, who audit in excess of 400 cases every year, therefore participants have an impact on teaching management development and join a community of outstanding innovators.
Participating submissions are assessed on the basis of content, form, teaching notes and innovation. Subsequently, the submitted material provides for an and innovative and intriguing learning experience to improve teaching and student engagement. Cases provide a good balance between a well-told story and adequate information, and are accompanies by teaching notes that enhance the learner’s experience.

Winning cases are awarded €2000 and are published by the EFMD Case Centre. The selected cases impact students of management institutions across the globe and practitioners seeking innovative and engaging content in discussing strategic business solutions.

“Responsible business is one of AUC School of Business’ main focus areas. Sponsoring a track in EFMD Case Writing Competitions is a significant step towards disseminating our focus areas and showcasing their importance not only on the regional level but also on the international level.” comments Nermeen Shehata, director of KCC, adding that: “Sponsoring a track also conveys a message that faculty are encouraged to write cases and participate in international
competitions. This is aligned with the mission of El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC) that aims to promote the development and usage of quality case studies"

Sponsoring this new track expands on the School’s aptitude within the focus area of responsible business, supports the learning process by offering new and exciting teaching material as well as supports our commitment towards knowledge creation and dissemination.

Submissions for the EDMD Case Writing Competition 2019 are open now. School faculty are eligible to apply for all tracks with the exception of the AUC School of Business sponsored track.


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