Celebrating the Next Group of Business Leaders; Class of 2019!

a group of graduating female students

On June 20, the AUC School of Business held its school-based Distribution of Diplomas ceremony, celebrating the graduation of a new group of leaders ready to tackle the real world. The ceremony witnessed the graduation of a total of 189 students; 171 undergraduates and 18 graduates.

This is the second ceremony within the AUC’s centennial celebration and the ten-year anniversary for the School of Business since it was re-branded and reshaped with the aim of developing entrepreneurial and responsible global leaders who can make a difference. 

Dean Sherif Kamel emphasized in his speech that the university will always be a home to the graduating class, stating: “When you go out through that door tonight, rest assured that it will always be open for you. This institution will always remain your home, forever.”

In addition, he touched on the significance of the time that the students are graduating, with the global economy changing its dynamics and how the future of work is rapidly evolving and is affected by emerging and innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, data science and the Internet of Things. Dean Kamel emphasized that while this will have its implications on the models of work and the expectations in the workplace, one fact will remain key: human capital, assuring the graduating class: “You will always be the most precious resource and asset for any company”. 

Following the ceremony, recent graduate Walid Abou El Nour, finance major gave back to the School through his testimonial: “The AUC School of Business is one of the key pillars and enablers that motivated me to pursue my passion. All of the support, guidance and mentoring we receive from the School’s leadership, esteemed professors, staff and administration, pushes us forward and empowers us to achieve whatever we aim for. I have been privileged to experience all of its extracurricular offerings, ranging from winning international competitions, attending top-notch conferences and leading the AUC Business Association and Business Student Ambassadors Program as a president. Thank you AUC School of Business!”

Now, our graduates are taking their first steps in their new challenge, and we will always take pride in the accomplishments of every student, regardless of the path they choose to take. To you, graduates, as Dean Kamel always asserts: “You are a testament to the School’s success and aspiration!”