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Ivey Publishing Releases Unrevised Case Study by CEMS Student

June 2, 2024

Prestigious global publisher, Ivey Publishing, has published a case study written by a Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS) student without any revisions for the first time. A rare occurrence by any global publisher. The case study is also the first case published by Ivey based on the final project in the Global Strategy class at the university.

Farah Oun CEMS student

The case study by Farah Oun, a distinguished CEMS Egyptian student, delves into the strategic analysis of a medium-to-large sized Egyptian company's global expansion. Collaborating with her German teammate, Marco Minutillo, who participated in the CEMS program through an exchange from Vienna University, Farah chose to spotlight "Breadfast," a household shopping phone application, as the focal point of their assignment.

Farah expressed her joy after knowing about her published work, 

“Knowing that our work is inspiringothers is incredibly rewarding & I hope it encourages future students to seize unexpected opportunities that life and AUC has to offer. One major key takeaway for me is to always carry the right intent when it comes to approaching opportunities or life in general, in addition to putting in consistent effort. From the beginning, our intent to publish the case was clear, which I believe significantly contributed to the smoothness of the process."

She continued by complimenting Marina Apaydin, associate professor at the Department of Management and the CEMS program itself.  'Without Professor Marina's teachings, passed on knowledge, feedback, persistence, trust and support we wouldn’t have had such a smooth publishing process. Additionally, I learned a lot from my German colleague, Marco. While cultural differences did arise, they ultimately enhanced our dynamic, highlighting the value of CEMS and the benefits of international exposure."

Marina Apaydin, associate management professor at the Department of Management, expressed her pride in Farah's achievement and underscored the invaluable contribution of the CEMS program, stating, 

"I am very proud of Farah Oun, AUC MiM (CEMS) student who was not only the pioneer of case writing for Ivey at AUC but also coached and trained other students. Her case, co-authored with her classmate Marco Minutillo, was so flawless that it was published without any revisions."


To date, Ivey has published 4 case studies from CEMS, with 3 others requested and 2 currently in preparation. Farah's case stands out as the only one so far that has gone unrevised, further accentuating the exceptional nature of this achievement.

The Case study is a valuable pedagogical tool that provides students with practical knowledge and applied learnings. It is commonly used in AUC School of Business programs to reinforce experiential learning and combine academic delivery with practical business insights. The School has a specialized case study center, El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC)