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Corporate Engagement

Actively engaging with companies and corporations to positively impact the business community, energize industries and serve society is among our top priorities. Corporations can benefit from direct engagement with our students –– our most precious resource –– as well as from networking with our distinguished faculty members and utilizing our top-notch educational programs, whether in graduate studies, executive education or professional development.

How can Corporates connect with us 

  • Helps shape the finest business-oriented minds in the country- our students

    Student Engagement: engage with students through a range of activities and initiatives including internships, sponsoring or judging competitions, mentorship and job-shadowing opportunities and classroom activities (guest speakers, class projects and site visits), as well as direct engagement with the different student clubs within the School.

    Talent Recruitment: School of Business alumni are highly demanded in the professional realm and are considered by employers as an asset to their organizations. To recruit fresh graduates, organizations may post job announcements and participate in the bi-annual Employment Fair through the University’s Career Center.

    School of Business Top Employers: If your company has more than 20 School of Business alumni, you are eligible to join the top employers' event, held annually to discuss the specific needs and requirements of your organization in terms of recruitment of the School’s graduates. 

    Office of Student Services, School of Business
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  • Connect with our distinguished faculty members through a diverse range of opportunities, particularly research.

    Research: The School adopts a globalized approach to research, whereby global knowledge is coupled with a profound understanding of local requirements and needs.  

    Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
    t 20.2.2615.3257

    Case studies: Companies can have case studies conducted about past issues or even commission a full casebook on different aspects of the company’s operations. Case studies not only provide companies with visibility at local, regional and international levels, but the students working on these cases are also able to offer innovative and insightful solutions to current problems faced by organizations. 

    El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center
    t 20.2.2615.3413

  • Our multitude of educational services to the business community, ranging from executive education programs to diversified graduate degrees.

    Executive Education: In addition to a variety of world-renowned, open-enrollment executive development programs, the School of Business’s executive education division also offers tailored programs that cater to the specific needs and requirements of your organization.

    School of Business, Executive Education Division
    t 20.2.2797.6700/6701

    Graduate Degrees: develop your talent through our world renounced graduate programs. Our Executive MBA, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in economics, Master of Arts in International Development and a Master of Science in Finance are all designed to have an immediate impact on your organization.

    Office of Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
    t 20.2.2615.3257

  • The Knowledge portal of the AUC School of Business.

    In an era of buzzwords, an overflow of news and scarce analysis, The AUC School of Business has developed Business Forward to be a credible destination for business and economic analysis on Egypt and the Arab region. The portal’s goal is to provide pragmatic, timely and forward-looking content on a broad perspective of the developments in different areas of the business and economic fields.

    A range of possible investment opportunities for corporate partners is available ranging from annual sponsorship of the full portal and its digital assets to that of a section, supplement or a topic, and finally sponsorship of an event.

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