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Our Staff

Lina Nada

Assistant Dean

Sandy Iskander

Assistant to Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Administration

Dalia Metwally

Assistant to Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

El Faisal Badr

Executive Director, Administration and Faculty Affairs

Maha Farouk

Director, Marketing of Business Graduate Programs

Safaa Abdoun

Manager, Business Strategic Initiatives

Mohamed Beshir

Office Assistant

Tarek Hussein

Clerk I

Alaa Hafez

Senior Manager, Decision Support Business

Mahmoud Ahmed

Senior Specialist, Business Administration and Planning

Nour Osama

Specialist, Business Administration, and Planning

Mohamed Teleb

Clerk I

Heidy Allam

Executive Assistant to Department Chair

Amira Bishara

Executive Assistant to Department Chair

Heba Halim

Officer, Administrative Affairs 

Mabrouk Farahat

Clerk I

Passant Mahmoud

Executive Assistant to Department Chair

Laila Tawfik

Officer, Administrative Affairs 

Mohamed Sabry Taha

Clerk I

Rasha Morshed

Senior Manager, Academic Assessment and Accreditation

Maryam Ibrahim

Academic Improvement Specialist

Nada Emam

Officer, Accreditation 

Noran El Kashef

Officer, Academic Assessment

Eman Mourad

Senior Manager, Student Services and Development

Farida Mahgoub

Senior Specialist, Student Services and Development

Sandra Sami

Senior Specialist, Student Services and Development

Wasfahan Moawad

Officer, Student Services and Development

Marwa Swidan

Manager, MBA Programs

Catherine Ishak

Specialist, MBA Programs  

Yasmine Abdel Shafy

Senior Specialist, MBA Programs

Farida Kholousy

Senior Specialist, Economics Graduate Programs

Engy Magdy

Director, KCC

Shereen El Bowety

Senior Specialist, KCC

Nadine Weheba

Associate Director for Research, Global North and South Region

Nagham El Houssamy

Associate Director for Research, Middle East and Africa

Gina Alaschkar

Manager, Administrative Affairs and Outreach

Dana El Bashbishy


Haya El Zayat


Khadiga Hassan


Batoul Al Mehdar

Senior Researcher

Rolane Eissa

Project Officer

Eisha Afifi


Farah Galal


Alia Shaddad


Nada Nassar


Farah Elbehairy


Shady Sedky Gerges

Assistant Lab Supervisor

Amira Mosaad 

Manager, Finance and Administration 

Ayah Munir

Senior Specialist, USIP Program 

Eman El Hawary

Senior Specialist, Logistics and Administration

Hassem Gouda

Senior Specialist, Finance and Administration 

Kareman Shoair

Senior Manager, Research

Mohab Ali

Manager, Youth Development Programs 

Osama Samir

Senior Specialist, Civic Engagement  

Pakiname Mamdouh

Senior Manager, Civic Engagement  

Yasmine Osama Ewaisha

Senior Specialist, Monitoring and Evaluation

Rowida Baher Samir

Senior Specialist, Communication

Salma Mostafa Kamel

Senior Specialist, Research

Zeinab Abdoun

Manager, Communication

Omar Mohamed Gamal

Assistant, Gerhart Center

Hala Barakat

Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Ghada Hafez

Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Toqa Emad Eldin

Assistant Coordinator II, UN Women Marketing and Communication

Mariam Salem

Program Coordinator, UN Women

Hadeel Elshabba

Manager, VL Outreach and Engagement

Lina Zalat 

Associate Director

Lydia kameil

Manager, VL Design Thinking Programs

Mariam Kamel 

AUC Angels Manager

Mohamed Ihab

Senior Investement Analyst II 

Mona Kamal 

Officer, Finance and Administration 

Noha Elkholy

Officer, VL Outreach and Engagement

Nour Ibrahim

Manager, VL Marketing and Communication

Seham Ghawash

Manager, GEM Project and Research

Seif Ayman Shafik Hakim

Senior Coordinator, VL Marketing and Communication

Verina Rizkallah

Senior Account Coordinator

Yasmine Nagaty

Manager, Accelerator Program

Youssef Moemen

Senior Investment Analyst II

Rodyna Mahmoud

Officer, Venture Lab Outreach

Lina Reda Rizk

Senior Coordinator, V-Lab Marketing

Mostafa Ahmed Mostafa

Clerk II

Alison Fahey

Interim Executive Director, J-PAL MENA at AUC

Jules Gazeaud

Research Fellow

Ahmed ElSayed

Associate Professor and Director of Research at JPAL

Eslam Serag

Research Operations Manager

Hala El Behairy

Research Officer

Lobna Kassim

Associate Director, JPAL Policy

Mahmoud Hussein

Senior Field Coordinator, Research   

Mariam George

Senior Field Coordinator, Research   

Ayman Taha

Coordinator, Research

Heba ElSahn

Senior Officer, Policy and Training

Sara ElSarrag

Research Officer

Andrew Ghattass

Research Officer

Nada Rostom

Senior Officer, JPAL Research

Nadeen El Ashmawy

Senior Officer, Policy

Salma Diab

Officer, Research

Nada Zaky

Officer, Policy

Nada Esmaeil

Coordinator, Research

Hamza Hammad

Officer, Policy

Hoda El-Abbadi

Research Manager

Mona Amer

Associate Director, J-PAL Research

Mireille Azmy

Officer, Research

Amira El Mashad

Officer, Research

Nayera Metwally

Manager, JPAL, Policy

Rafal Roshdy

Officer, Research

Hanan Salem

Coordinator, Research

Hozifa Saber

Coordinator, Research

Mohamed Seddik

Senior Field Coordinator, Research

Hind Ragab Abo Al-Majd

Coordinator, Research

Amira Refaat

Director, J-PAL Finance and Operations

Asmaa Wagdy

Senior Officer, J-PAL Finance and Operations

Wafaa Sabry

Senior Director, External Relations

Sherine El-Meshad

Associate Director, Business Communications and Marketing

Salma Kamal

Officer, Business Web Communication and Design

Nouran Rabie

Senior Content Specialist

Sara Zaki

Social Media Specialist (Outsourced - Communication and Marketing)

Ghada Nadi

Managing Editor, Business Forward

Reem Hossam

Writer, (Outsourced - Business Forward)

Sally Morshed

Manager, Internationalization 

Sally Abbas

Associate Director, Corporate Governance 

Sherine El Essawi

Program Officer

Dalia ElHamamsy

Database Consultant (Outsourced)

Nermine El Sayyad

Women on Board Observatory Manager  

Ghada Howaidy

Associate Dean - Executive Education 

Dalia Adel

Assistant to Associate Dean, Executive Education 

Mohamed Abdel Salam

Executive Director

Nancy El-Shayeb

Manager, ExecEd Marketing Communication

Mamdouh Girgis

Senior Specialist, Graphic Designer

Nesreen Bahgat

Senior Specialist, ExecEd Marketing Communication and Customer Relationship Manager

Nada Medhat 

ExecEd Copywriter

Mohamed Kesseba

Senior Director, Open Enrollment Programs

Maha Ismail 

Director,  General Management Programs

Abdel Rahman Mahmoud

Officer, Management Programs

Heba Barakat

Senior Manager, Health Care Programs

Sherine El-Kaluobi

Program Manager, People and Organizations programs

Amira Metwally

Program Manager,  Marketing

Yasmin Khalil

Program Manager, Real Estate

Marwa Nabil

Senior Manager, Banking and Finance Program

Dalia El-Dabbagh

Senior Director, Operations

Dina Lotfi

Manager, Programs Implementation

Ahmed Mamdouh Ibrahim

Senior Supervisor I 

Ahmed Shehata

Officer, Programs Implementation

Alaa Abdel Halim

Program Assistant

Arabi Ezz El-Din Madkour


Ghada El Hefny

Officer, Programs Implementation

Heba El-Mokadem

Manager, Participants Affairs 

Hebatallah Kassem

Specialist, Participants Affairs

Kholoud Mamdouh

Specialist, Quality Control

May Mohammady

Senior Specialist, Programs Implementation

Mariam El-Gammal

Officer, Instructors Affairs

Mohamed Adel Abdel Fattah

Associate, Participants Affairs

Mohamed Abdel Fattah

Labs Supervisor

Nehal Noaman

Manager, Internal Processes and Accreditation

Safaa Ramadan

Senior Specialist, Participants Registration and Records

Heba ELMeligui

Officer, Participants Affairs

Sayeda El Husseiny

Senior Specialist, Participants Affairs, Records and Enrollment

Eid Magdy 

Clerical Support

Hany Imbaby

Clerical Support

Karam Gaber

Program Clerk I

Marlyne Michael

Director, Business Solutions Unit

Ahmed Sobhy

Officer, ExecEd Sales

Mariam Waguih

Manager, Corporate Training Programs

Andrew Ghattass

Senior Specialist, ExecEd Business Solutions

Maha Madany 

Manager, ExecEd Consultancy Services

Marwa Negm

Manager, ExecEd Grants and Government Programs

Mirna Guirguis

Senior Specialist, ExecEd Business Solutions

Naglaa Fawzy

Senior Manager, Program Design

Rawan El Sayed 

Officer, Program Design