Why Us

Become the agent of change your business needs, become the leader your team members deserve.


John F. Kennedy once said that “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” 

To become a true leader in today’s evolving markets, you can’t afford to use potentially obsolete business tools or ineffective management styles. 

Our EMBA program offers you a practical and supportive environment to test out all the latest techniques and management styles in order to hone your leadership skills instead of taking potentially damaging risks in the actual market. 

The EMBA ensures you touch ground with the essential components of effective leadership through benching on 5 different approaches:

Our Different Approaches

Interaction with an elite group of business faculty

The program gives you the chance to learn from impactful business educators from AUC and other renowned international institutions.  

Lateral learning and networking

The EMBA classroom is a multidirectional learning environment where you will not only learn from high-caliber instructors but also diverse and highly experienced peers.

Progression through a carefully designed curriculum

The sequential and modular nature of the EMBA provides both convenience for the highly engaged professional, and academic relevance of the knowledge acquired and its applications

Practical Relevance

The EMBA will arm you with the tools required to address real issues you encounter. The knowledge acquired in each module could potentially impact your workplace in different ways, ranging from subtle changes to extensive shifts in the way business is conducted.

A Global Learning Experience

The EMBA program is hosted by the AUC School of Business, a regional hub for business education with strong international presence. This regional relevance is complemented by partnerships with leading institutions in the West and the East.