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Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment: Are Arab Philanthropists and Conventional Investors Converging on the Impact Continuum?

Clare Woodcraft


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Abdel Rahman Nagy and Engy Saleh


Naila Farouky


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The Role of Private Capital in Youth and Women Evolvement

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The Case for Community Philanthropy (Arabic Translation)

The practice of community philanthropy has witnessed a growing momentum internationally, as new forms of community solidarity models emerge at the local level. Because of their informal nature, it is difficult for some of these initiatives to grow or survive over time.

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The Revolutionary Promise: Youth Perceptions in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia

The research was conducted over an eight-month period in 2012 in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. It explores the gap between the expectations and aspirations of young people in light of revolutionary promises made in 2011 - 2012.

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Giving in Transition and Transitions in Giving: Philanthropy in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia

Waves of political transitions in the Arab region have led to changes in every aspect of people’s lives, and as the region sets on its journey toward democratization, a major restructuring of all aspects of society is currently underway. English Version- Arabic Version

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Citizens in the Making: Civil Society and Civic Education in Egypt 2012

The Gerhart Center hosted a consultation with 29 organizations that are active in civic education, as well as donors and media outlets. The discussions focused on issues of outreach, curriculum and measuring impact.

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Youth Activism and Public Space in Egypt

The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement at The American University in Cairo and Innovations in Civic Participation are proud to present this report: Youth Activism and Public Space in Egypt.

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Policy Discussion Papers

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"Civil Society Law and NGOs in Egypt: Overview of the Constitutions and Laws of the World" (Arabic)

The paper assesses the current situation of civil society with a specific focus on the legal framework for the civil freedom of association, and to summarize the current discussions on relevant issues. The paper makes recommendations for the next steps to promote the development of NGOs in Egypt.

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"Reviving Waqf System in Egypt: Analysis of Global Models" (Arabic)

This paper presents modern examples of endowment management in a number of Arab and Muslim countries, as well as some Western models. The paper aims at listing a set of perceptions and coming up with recommendations for policies and procedures aimed to revive the endowments in Egyptian society, spread the culture of endowments, and to include in the process of social, political and economic development of the country. 

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"Tunisian Youth Voices: In Between Incertitude and Determination"

“The voice of youth — in my opinion  is being heard. I see that a new spirit is being spread, it is that of valuing more and more young people in Tunisia, and I also think that we no longer have much choice, the Tunisian population is young and it is up to them to decide for their future.”

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From Charity to Social Change: Trends in Arab Philanthropy

Edited by Barbara Ibrahim and Dina Sherif
Drawing on data collected from endowed corporate foundations, public-private partnerships between business leaders and governmental agencies, and small-scale community-based organizations, this landmark study marks the first attempt to map the dynamic contemporary landscape of philanthropy in the Arab region.
For information on obtaining the full report please send an inquiry to gcresearch@aucegypt.edu

Executive Summary (English - Arabic)
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Volunteerism and Managing Volunteers

The guidebook is the outcome of a two-year study on volunteer work in Egypt, which also lead to the founding of the Egyptian Center for Volunteerism. "Volunteerism and Managing Volunteers" comes at a time where the region is witnessing historical transitions. The guidebook reflects on challenges facing volunteers and organizations, including the absence of clear policies, problems of continuity and general issues around distinct role definitions within the civic sector. The book presents theories, concepts, and extensive practical advice to better manage volunteer work in nongovernmental organizations. Hisham El-Roubi is the founder of a consultancy foundation for youth development, Etijah. El-Roubi has devoted his career to reaching out to Egyptian youth and helping develop their technical and leadership skills to become more engaged in the community

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A Practitioner's Guide for Social Entrepreneurs in Egypt and the Arab Region