A2K4D Team

Our People

Dr Nagla Rizk

Nagla Rizk, Founding Director

Nagla Rizk is an experienced and competent scholar with diverse professional experience as a:

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Nadine Weheba

Nadine Weheba, Associate Director for Research, Global North and South

Nadine Weheba’s research interests are the political economy of Information communication technologies, innovation, and development.

As part of the Open African Innovation Research projectof which A2K4D is the North African hub,  she is engaged in research on knowledge governance, openness, collaboration, and alternative metrics for innovation in Africa. Nadine also studies the sharing economy and issues of artificial intelligence and inclusion in the context of Egypt, Africa, and the region.

She received her MSc in development studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London in 2013 and holds a BA in economics from The American University in Cairo.

Nagham ElHoussamy

Nagham El Houssamy, Associate Director for Research, Middle East and Africa

Nagham El Houssamy is working on research on the intersection of knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship and development. She joined the Center in June 2012, serving as the North Africa Hub coordinator for the Open African Innovation Research Partnership (Open AIR).

Prior to joining A2K4D, Nagham was an Economic Researcher in the Macro-Fiscal Policy Unit at the Egyptian Ministry of Finance. She interned at the ICT Policies Unit of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia in Beirut. Nagham graduated from The American University in Cairo with an MA in economics in international development and a BA in political science, specializing in international law and International relations, with a minor in economics.

Gina Alaschkar

Gina Alaschkar, Administrative Affairs Manager and Outreach

Gina Alaschkar manages the operations at A2K4D and is the core focal point internally for the center's activities at AUC and externally. Liaising with collaborators and institutions within the center’s regional and international networks. Prior to joining A2K4D, Gina worked for Oracle Systems Ltd as a senior partner business consultant, covering Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Africa, UK, and Ireland. Alaschkar earned her BA in economics and political science from Cairo University.

Dana ElBashbishy

Dana Elbashbishy, Research Assistant and SSHRC Fellow

Dana Elbashbishy is a member of The Open African Innovation Research Partnership’s (Open AIR) New and Emerging Researchers Group (NERG). She assists in center research on alternative knowledge and innovation metrics. She is also a Teaching Assistant at AUC in the digital economy: information technology, knowledge and intellectual property course.

As a member of New and Emerging Researchers Group (NERG) in The Open African Innovation Research Partnership, Elbashbishy is engaged in the research on finding alternative knowledge and innovation metrics in an attempt to better capture and represent the informal innovation in Africa. She also examines different other topics such as The Sharing Economy in Egypt, Artificial Intelligence, and development. She is also a Teaching Assistant of the digital economy: information technology and inclusive development economics course at the American University in Cairo. Elbashbishy holds a BA in economics from the American University in Cairo.

Farah Ghazal

Farah Ghazal, SSHRC Fellow

Farah Ghazal is currently an LLM student at AUC. She earned her BA in political science with a specialization in international relations and minor in Psychology. Ghazal’s research interests include marxism, feminism and feminist jurisprudence. She joined A2K4D in August 2018 as an SSHRC fellow, where she helps include gender perspectives and approaches to development and innovation research. Prior to working at A2K4D, Ghazal interned briefly at Shalakany Law Office.

Khadiga Hassan A2K4D

Khadiga Hassan, Researcher

Khadiga Hassan completed her undergraduate studies at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science in economics with honors. She moved back to Cairo and joined Access to Knowledge for Development as a researcher. Prior to her move back to Cairo, Hassan was an international market researcher at the Massachusetts Export Center located in Boston. She developed an interest in econometrics, data analysis, market research, and economic theory for development. She is aiming to pursue her master’s degree in development economics.

Adel Osama

Adel Osama, Researcher

Adel Osama is a historian of modern Egypt with a focus on the postcolonial cultural economy. He completed his BA with a double major in History Honors program and integrated marketing communications in 2016 from the American University in Cairo. In 2018, he completed his MA in history from Goldsmiths, University of London. Before joining Access to Knowledge for Development (A2K4D) as a researcher Hassan worked in teaching and research.

Haya El Zayat

Haya El Zayat, Research Assistant

Haya El Zayat is a recent graduate holding a BA in economics with the highest honors from The American University in Cairo, with a double minor in development studies and business administration. She joined Access to Knowledge for Development over the summer of 2021. El Zayat's research interests align with the center’s work and include development studies and policy, feminist economics, gender theory, and technology for development. She is aiming to pursue a master’s degree in development studies next fall.