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How Corporates can engage with us

Actively engaging with companies and corporations to positively impact the business community, energize industries and serve society is among our top priorities. Learn how you can engage with us.

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Internationalization at the School of Business is the process by which we deliver an international and culturally-enriched educational experience with the objective of preparing our students to become successful responsible leaders and entrepreneurs in an interconnected world.

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AUC Venture Lab

Supporting innovation-driven and passionate entrepreneurs looking to turn their solutions and technologies into viable businesses.

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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Advocating entrepreneurial education, pioneering cutting edge research and most importantly a providing capacity building opportunities for Egypt and region at large.

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John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and Responsible Business 

Promoting social change in the Arab region through building a culture of effective giving, corporate social responsibility and civic responsibility.