As one of the first entities in the Middle East to promote entrepreneurship, the School of Business has worked its way to becoming an authority in the field. Building on years of experience in launching accelerators, supporting Businesses and connecting the ecosystem, the School took it upon itself to advance the cause further and empower its community.

Established in 2015 as the evolution of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP), the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) was advanced as a catalyst for Entrepreneurship in the Arab region. The center is a multifaceted institute acting as an advocate of entrepreneurial education, a pioneer of cutting edge research and most importantly a provider for capacity building opportunities for Egypt and region at large.

With the goal of spearheading the growth of collaborative entrepreneurial ventures, the center is a dynamic vehicle for economic growth and sustainable job creation in the region.


Creating a World-Class, high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem that supports and invests in Egyptian entrepreneurs and innovators.


We are committed to creating a broad and inclusive pipeline of entrepreneurs in Egypt by adopting a full-scale approach to support and advance Entrepreneurship in the region.


What we do
By observing a comprehensive approach to Entrepreneurship, we aim to advance the field on several fronts by:

  • Creating a substantive base of entrepreneurs in Egypt through awareness, outreach and ideation activities, especially targeting youth and women.
  • Building the capacity of ecosystem organizations and connecting them locally and internationally
  • Providing evidence-based research to guide and influence policy-making and program-design among government, donors and ecosystem players;
  • Acting as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation activities, coordinating among AUC actors, the ecosystem in Egypt, as well as international actors.


Making a difference, one Entrepreneur at a time.