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Established in 2015 as the evolution of the 2010-launched Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP), the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is a pioneer hub for all entrepreneurial stakeholders in Egypt and the MENA region.


Since its establishment 10 years back, the center’s endeavors included promoting entrepreneurial education, endorsing the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering capacity-building opportunities for the region, and pioneering cutting-edge research.


In June 2013, the AUC Venture Lab was initiated through CEI, becoming Egypt’s first university-based startup accelerator, supporting entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East. Since its inauguration, the AUC Venture Lab has graduated over 170 startups in different sectors, created 8000 jobs, and raised above 1.5 billion Egyptian pounds worth of investment. Bearing witness to such success, pay-off, and impact, CEI remains committed to be the gateway for further initiatives that are called for in today’s exceptionally dynamic ecosystem.


Being one of the initial entities in the Middle East to promote entrepreneurship, CEI has worked its way to marking its unique footprint in the field. Building on the center’s experience in inaugurating accelerators, supporting and spearheading the growth of startups, and linking the diverse groups constituting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, CEI vows to actively contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurship in the MENA region, empower its community with knowledge and know-how, and focus on identifying and filling the market gaps in the ecosystem.



Becoming a high-impact platform advocating entrepreneurial knowledge in the region.


To ceaselessly dispense pertinent, opportune, and targeted full-scale support for entrepreneurship advancement and innovation.





CEI: Capitalize Everlasting Innovation