Submit a Case Study

A business case-study is the presentation of a real-life situation experienced by a company/organization, usually involving a decision needed to be taken in response to a particular challenge, dilemma or opportunity.
A good teaching case should be based on actual events and circumstances. It should thoroughly describe the scenario in its context and include all relevant internal and external factors that have led the organization to this decision point. The issues raised should be relevant to the teaching objectives of the case, to what the readers are expected to learn and in what context the case is to be used.

The case should be able to clarify a business concept in a practical way. The reader (in most cases students) should be able to identify with those involved in the case, participate in the decision-making process by recommending a course of action based on the information given and analysis of the situation.

The length of a case-study varies from 1 to 20 pages or more (excluding exhibits). A long case (over 6 pages) is generally needed when the case requires the assimilation of extensive data in order to understand the context and solve the issues raised.

Why submit a Case Study?


  • Case Studies provide a context within which to explore ideas, identify relationships, test theories, and formulate hypotheses. Cases are used in teaching to develop higher-level skills of synthesis, analysis, evaluation, judgment, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork
  • Cases are used to test the understanding of theory, to connect theory with application, and to develop theoretical insights. Cases are still one of the best ways to enable you to learn by doing.
  • Cases sent to KCC are published in international publication venues such as The Case Centre and Emerald.


What value is there for an organization to participate?


  • A worthy publicity tool for the organization.
  • A Corporate Social Responsibility/contribution to the community
  • An opportunity to showcase success stories in addition to providing deep analysis and solutions to the organization’s managerial issues.


How to submit a case study?

To submit a case study; all documentation should be sent to

  • Abstract/Executive Summary (150 - 250 words): The abstract should briefly describe the case scenario and include details of its focus, teaching level and objectives
  • Full case in word format
  • Teaching notes and learning objectives
  • Case teaching test run in the classroom* (Download here)
  • Consent for Publication/Company Release (Download here)
  • Copyright Consent Form (Download here)
  • Case Information Form (Link here)

A case-study submission will not be considered complete if the above is not submitted and the case study does not comply with the KCC Author Guidelines (Download here)

*The case study must be comprehensively tested in the classroom before final submission. You will need to give full details of the testing by filling out and submitting the form.


After Submission

Upon submission, the case will go through a review process before being sent back to the author for final amendments. A final round of English editing will be applied before the case is ready for publication. The review process takes six to eight weeks. For more information, please contact