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Advisory Boards

To maintain the level of academic excellence and the unique learning experience we promise to deliver, our school is presided over by three regulating advisory boards.

Advisory Board

Dean’s Strategic Advisory Board

Dean’s Strategic Advisory Board work to uphold the levels of academic excellence, quality and prestige of the School of Business. Board member’s contributions to the school extend beyond an advisory role, ranging from active engagement in the classroom to providing instructive guidance on curriculum development thus maximizing the utility of their esteemed expertise and knowledge.

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Council of the School of Business

Council of the School of Business (CSB) acts as both a governing and advisory body for the School of Business. It is comprised of a representative council consisting of the school’s faculty, students, and staff in order to ensure their participation in the governance of the school and their inclusion in the decision-making process with regards to issues that affect them.

advisory board members

Executive Education Advisory Council

Executive Education Advisory Council established in February 2019, is a consultative council that provides support to the associate dean for executive education and external
relations and other constituents of the school of business.