What We Do - CEI

What We Do

CEI is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship knowledge in the region; supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem; while advocating sustainable entrepreneurship that catalyzes growth and innovation.


Our roadmap to execute our mission is through spearheading initiatives that enhance entrepreneurship networking, learning capabilities, and entrepreneurs’ support, such as:

Entrepreneurship Development

Build institutional capacity to run world class entrepreneurship education programs. This is attainable through capitalizing on the Babson Collaborative university membership to explore innovative and impactful ways of shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs through faculty development and academic programs enhancement.

Entrepreneurial Outreach

  • Training Program: Be A Mentor- Qualified and certified mentors are a prerequisite to the survival of startups. While most mentors possess strong business backgrounds and experiences, a minority are equipped with the essential skills to provide constructive feedback that allows for the building of strong relationships and trust with aspiring entrepreneurs. Due to our belief that an increase in the number of qualified mentors leads to a higher survival rate of startups and higher sustainability percentages, this training program aims to increase the number of high-impact mentors.
  • Training Program: Be an Angel Investor- The role of angel investors in entrepreneurial ecosystems is vital and goes a long way. However, the awareness on how to become an angel investor is still limited. Accordingly, this training program is aimed at investors who are seeking to infuse themselves in the world of angel investing, where they will gain knowledge and make contact with like-minded investors while networking with rising startups.

Edutainment Events

Events showcasing the role of human experience in startups and entrepreneurship through a blend of education and entertainment, targeted at aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs in various stages and the entire ecosystem. The events showcase a full cycle of failure and success storytelling, aiming to provide entrepreneurs with validated learning.

CEI Students Engagement

CEI inspires, coaches, and develops entrepreneurial students through engaged learning and strengthening community relationships. The center equips students with the tools, experiences, and networking opportunities required to enable them to creatively pursue new opportunities in startup ventures.

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