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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship knowledge in the region, especially for youth and women; supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem; while advocating sustainable entrepreneurship that acts as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Our roadmap to execute our mission is through spearheading initiatives that enhance entrepreneurship networking, learning capabilities, and entrepreneurs’ support.

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Students Activities

CEI aims to provide experiential learning and competition opportunities to both national and international students.

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AUC Venture Mentoring Services Program

CEI is a certified MIT VMS member that establishes a network of qualified mentors to guide aspiring and established entrepreneurs in Egypt throughout the startup life cycle.

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UN Women WEE_ES Program (Rabeha)

The project includes training to enhance the skills of 1600 entrepreneur women or women with entrepreneurial ideas and spans two years.

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Business Egypt

Business Egypt

Business Egypt, a USAID project is a five-year program implemented by DAI, Global, LLC (DAI) to expand the quality and quantity of job opportunities, especially for women and youth, and to increase sales revenues and investment in the local market.

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