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The School of Business Executive Education is introducing a series of self-study business acumen courses. These courses are geared to offer participants a set of all-rounded business skills that are essential for every successful professional. Our online self-study courses bring the best features of the AUC School of Business Campus experience to life in a digital format.

The Business acumen courses are offered exclusively to:

  • Executive Education participants attending any of our certificates or diplomas 
  • AUC graduate students 
  • Executive Education and AUC alumni

  • Participants will explore the fundamentals of design thinking as a mindset, framework, and toolkit that is both structured and versatile. Design Thinking is a human-centered problem-solving approach practiced by fortune 500 companies, universities, governments, and Non-Governmental Organisations worldwide to identify hidden opportunities and design user-centered innovative products, services, businesses, governance, and social solutions for tomorrow.

  • The course aims to lay the foundation for empowering individuals and organizations to handle crisis situations and effectively ensure their organizations' business continuity while keeping the strategic objectives and shared goals on the same course. Topics covered will include Risk Evaluation and Control, Business Impact Analysis, Developing Business Continuity Plan and Strategies, Emergency Preparedness and Response plans, Organizational Performance Parameters to Control during the Crisis, Organizational Awareness, and Coordinating with external parties.

  • Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, or senior executive, personal branding is an effective way to create a positive representation of your skills, interests, and goals – it has become an essential part of building your professional reputation. Creating a personal brand can be a challenging and confusing task. And one of the easiest ways to get lost in the process is to not know where to start. This course will clearly identify what personal branding is and what it is not. It will help you bridge the gap between your intended brand and how the world sees you. We will go through a self-exploration journey to help you define, design, deliver, maintain and maximize your authentic brand.

  • This course challenges how you think about organizations, change, and leadership. The course invites learners to consider the organization as a dynamic verb that we do rather than a static noun. It is, therefore, not a 'thing' outside us; hence we can think of organizational change as a continuous state of 'becoming' rather than a destination. Leading change is presented as an inclusive process involving leaders, followers, context, and purpose that converge in 'leadership moments,' where a leader of change may be an enabler or a ‘bricoleur.’ Learners will make sense of the different theories and how they play out in practice to arrive at their own understanding of what organizational change is and their potential role in this process.

  • This course will cover what Emotional Intelligence is, how you can discover what Emotional Intelligence level you are at, and how to take the leadership and management skills to the next level using Emotional Intelligence competencies. Through the different modules of this course, you will learn about the pillars of Emotional Intelligence, the advantages of using it and applying it in business and in all aspects of our lives, and the tools to apply Emotional Intelligence and become successful with your teams, colleagues and almost everyone around you.

  • This course equips you with the foundational 21st century information and digital literacy skills you will need to enhance your professional career. You will learn how these skills can be applied to your work. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of how to find and sort through information, attribute it, critically evaluate it, and present and manage your information online. More specifically, you will be given scenarios and a variety of assessments in order to inculcate these concepts of strategically locating information, evaluate its accuracy and credibility, employ its ethical use, present and manage your personal information, and explore how these intersecting ideas impact your work life.