Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • A. This is a new diploma offering the latest in the field in terms of academic and practical knowledge. It is designed to help executives achieve their advanced professional goals and responsibilities.

    During the past 12 months, our Subject Matter Experts have been working on creating the content and material of this new program based on the latest practices in the field. The program is designed to give participants the academic knowledge along with professional expertise, based on the AUC standards of education. The new program is based on experiential learning rather than theoretical teaching. You will learn through hands-on activities, group projects, case studies, field visits, and meaningful interaction between participants.

  • A. We cannot compare our programs to [competitor], but we can explain to you all the strengths of our program, and we advise you to visit them as well to know the difference and decide. Our program is uniquely designed in the following:

    • The program is based on experiential learning, which means that you will learn through experience and reflection. You will be engaged in many group and individual activities while integrating technology and digital innovation.
    • Throughout the program, you will benefit from a deliberate balance between conceptual knowledge and practical experience.
    • The preparation of the program was done by the best experts in the field.
    • You will learn with a group of participants who share the same academic and professional level. Your group dynamics, interaction, and exchange of knowledge and expertise are cornerstones in your learning journey.
    • All instructors are subject matter experts, who have the academic and professional knowledge that you need.

    Studying at AUC does not only offer you the core knowledge that you need in your field, but you will also get the business skills that will empower you in your workplace through the Business Acumen courses. We guarantee that you will get a well-rounded experience.

  • A. No. This is a completely new diploma with a new syllabus and learning methodology.

  • A. No. you will not be exempted from any of the courses, even if they share the same title. The Executive Education programs differ in nature from an MBA. While the MBA is an academic program, the ExecEd programs are more skill-based, focusing on building and enhancing your professional practice.

  • A. No. You have to register for the full diploma/certificate to be able to attend the courses. And you have to attend the diploma/certificate courses in its sequential order.

  • A. There is no installment option. However, you are not required to pay the total fees in full. You pay course by course on a monthly basis.

  • A. The optimum duration for the diploma is 1 academic year (3 semesters). This is advisable to attend the courses with the same cohort and benefit from the group dynamics. However, you are allowed to finish the diploma in a maximum of 2 years (6 semesters).

  • A. The certificate can be completed in 2 semesters; however, you are allowed to finish it in up to 1 year (3 semesters).

  • A. No. You have to follow the sequence of the courses because every course builds on the previous one.

  • A. Most of the courses are conducted over 1 month (24 hours, 8 classes, twice a week) except for some of the healthcare courses that are 12 hours long (4 classes, twice a week).

  • A. If your score met or exceeded the required level, then you do not have to retake the exam. You only need to submit the exam credentials.

    (N.B. this also applies to the TOEFL and IELTS exams).

  • A. No. AUC alumni are exempted from the English exam.

  • A. If the score of the English exam that you took before met or exceeded the required level of the new program, then you do not have to retake the exam. You only need to submit the exam credentials.

  • A. No. The requirement is just completing a Bachelor’s degree, regardless of the score/GPA.

  • A. Diplomas are launched every semester (every September, February, and June). However, we do not guarantee the same location. So, we kindly request that you check the locations offered on the website when the new programs are announced.

  • A. We do not guarantee that the same course will be offered in the same location next semester. You are kindly requested to check with the Participants Affairs Office before the semester begins to check the courses offered and their locations.

  • A. Yes, you can, as long as you finish within 2 years. However, we strongly advise you that you finish in 1 year and stick to your cohort to maximize your benefit from the group projects and interaction.

  • A. Registration and payment for the new programs are done online. You need to follow the following steps:

    1. Prepare clear scanned copies of the following documents (saved in PDF format):
      1. Original bachelor’s degree certificate.
      2. Work experience letter(s) indicating a minimum of required years of relevant work experience.
      3. A proof of English proficiency, through one of the following qualifications:
        1. a high school degree from an international school where English is the primary language of instruction,
        2. or a degree from an English-speaking college/university,
        3. or test of English exam credentials with the following minimum results:
        4. TOEFL iBT® test with a minimum total score of 72
        5. Academic IELTS with a minimum total score of 5.5
        6. Standard English Proficiency Test (SEPT) with a minimum level of B2A. The SEPT exam is available every Saturday at AUC Falaki Academic Building. For SEPT exam registration, please visit 24 El-Falaki St., Downtown.
      4. National identification card (ID) / passport.
      5. Personal passport-size photo.
    1. Click on the Apply Now button on the website to start the online application process.
    2. Fill in and submit the application online.
    3. Send the above PDF documents to within 48 hours from the application submission date.
    4. The Admissions Committee will review your application and credentials and contact you if needed.
    5. You will receive an acceptance email specifying the next steps for online course registration and payment.


    For any inquiries regarding the application process, please contact the Participants Affairs Office at 02.2797.6287, Sundays through Thursdays, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, or send an email to

  • A. Refunds are done in certain conditions. Here is the refund/cancellation policy:

    • All cancellations must be sent in writing to A full refund will be provided for cancellations made 14 days or more before the start date of the course.
    • A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations made 13 to 7 days before the start date of the course.
    • No refund will be provided for cancellations made 6 days or less before the start date of the course.

    Refunds will be issued to the same payment method used to make the initial payment. Refunds to credit cards are processed within 30 days, provided that the participant has the actual credit card in addition to the POS receipt or bank statement while requesting a refund.

Business Acumen Courses FAQs

Healthcare Programs FAQs

  • A. These are structured and planned visits to JCI accredited hospitals. This is the first program providing this advantage. You will go once a month to cover a special theme that was covered in the diploma and see the best practice implemented in a real hospital. The AUC has already contracted with hospitals and agreed on a structured program for the day. The visit is once a month, 5 hours long.

  • A. Both diplomas start with the same core courses, which lay the foundation for the know-how of managing healthcare organizations based on the patient-centered approach and international quality standards. The foundation courses discuss essential functions inside the healthcare organization and how they are practiced and implemented. The core courses discuss the current status of the health care sector in Egypt, the role of operations inside a healthcare organization, an introduction to the people management function, how your organization can be driven by information systems, and finally the role of marketing and finance functions. 


    Then each diploma continues with a different track. The Operations Excellence diploma concentrates on how to reach the operational excellence in running your organization, while the Quality diploma focuses on the accreditation journey, and how to practically implement the quality standards required.

  • A. The new healthcare programs are completely different. They are designed following the new changes in the healthcare market, the rise of international hospitals, and the new laws governing the healthcare industry. We started a new era in hospital management in Egypt, and our programs had to stay abreast of these fundamental changes.

    That’s why the design of our two new programs was a collective process of 13 subject matter experts who have a thorough medical background as well as business management experience. Most of them will be teaching the program.

    The learning methodology in the new programs is entirely different than the old one. The new programs are based on experiential learning, classroom activities, and field visits.

  • A. No. As long as you have spent 3 years in the health care sector, not necessarily as a doctor, then you can join.

    (N.B.: if we face career shifting questions, or those who have been working in related industries like pharmaceuticals, please refer to the program manager to advise.)

  • A. No. This is a totally new program with a new course syllabus and methodology.

  • A. If you are working in the quality area or in the accreditation process, or want to upscale the quality standards of your organization, then the Quality Excellence diploma is better for you.

    If you are working in the management of a healthcare organization, investing or planning to invest in this sector, owner of a clinic/hospital…etc., then you can join the Operational Excellence diploma.

    (N.B.: please refer the customer to the program manager for further clarification or advice)