About Us

We are the School of Business

As a pioneer and enabler, our executive programs are fuelled by our commitment to excellence and a sense of responsibility toward developing our community’s business leaders. We offer some of the most comprehensive, diversified and globally-recognized professional development and executive education programs that adopt a modern perspective of delivery and incorporate the latest management concepts and techniques, our school is proud to be home to the AUC School of Business Executive Education.

Commitment to Excellence

The AUC School of Business is among the top 1 percent of educational institutions worldwide to achieve the Triple Crown Accreditation positioning it as an institution of excellence and international recognition. Building on the School of Business’s legacy of excellence, our executive education being the proud holder of the only Financial Times Ranked open enrollment executive education program in the region leaving ExecEd in a class of its own.

Quality of the Programs

Our ExecEd is firmly committed to quality, the crest of AUC School of Business. To offer the “Best in Class” programs, we are in a dynamic pursuit to regularly update the content and teaching methods of its programs as well introducing new programs that reflect the changing requirements of job market all while leveraging the AUC quality brand.

The AUC Experience

An unrivaled experience characterized by world-class quality and value. As part of the AUC brand, our programs are set to provide an on par if not superior level of quality of academic degree programs. With this in mind, enhancing the lifelong learning opportunities for participants throughout their career life cycle and leveraging AUC infrastructure, facilities, and community in offering ExecEd programs is a key conduit to establishing the experience.


Cementing our School’s strategic objective and vision to become the leading knowledge hub with Arab region relevance and global influence, we’ve actively increased the global footprint of our programs through increasing engagement with international professional/academic bodies, incorporating international faculty and experts and increasing number of programs offered outside Egypt.

A Partner that understands

From the exigencies of global markets, the proclivities of employers to your individual development needs, we understand.
Banking on 7 decades of experience, the AUC School of Business has the right experience, understanding and resources to capacitate ExecEd to truly educate, elevate and empower aspiring executives:

A Regional Perspective

Cultivating generations of business leaders that have grown to work across the region in leading positions, we’ve come to understand what employers in the region look for in potential leaders and make sure we arm you with that and more.

A Tailored Experience

We value all our partners and acknowledge that each business has different needs. That’s why we’ve designed programs that are bespoke to the specific needs of business and individuals to make sure they receive the tools and knowledge they actually need.

A Life-long Journey

At every stage of your professional career, there’s something to be learned. From the start of your journey as a fresh graduate to the apex of your professional career as an expert, we’ve tailored programs that will enrich your knowledge and extend the horizons of your vision to inspire your continuous development. 

Harnessing the knowledge of the market

​​​​​​We’ve incorporated a knowledge creation process that takes into account and integrates global and local market trends to make sure our programs are up-to-date, relevant and impactful.

ExecEd has a specialized Program Development unit that monitors new international business trends, analyzes gaps in ExecEd current offering vs. evolving market needs, plan and runs workshops to raise awareness and introduce new programs as well as develops and tests new programs to add to ExecEd portfolio. 

What’s more, we always make sure to leverage the AUC institutional brand to push for collaborative programs designed in partnership with some of the most well-established international academic partners and top-ranked universities to include an international perspective on specific areas from facilitators who are practitioners or subject specialists with relevant international experience in the area of study

We are more than a service provider; we are a lifelong partner who empowers our associates with the necessary tools, mindset and outlook to drive results at the highest levels of global management.  


A Story of Unremitting Development

Starting its journey in 1977, the School of Business Executive Education (ExecEd), formerly Management Center, was established as a center of excellence to serve Egypt and the region through specialized programs offering a differentiated learning experience.

The Executive Education programs were offered by the Management Center (MC) and were boosted with the establishment of the International Executive Education Institute (IEEI) in 2008. :

  • The IEEI catered for the top level management by offering customized and open enrolment programs conducted by AUC faculty in partnership with internationally-renowned partners and universities,

  • The MC catered for other levels in the organization through customized training, open enrolment programs, certification as well as postgraduate professional diplomas.

Responding to the economic situation and the shift in market needs, in 2013-2014, AUC revisited all its operations and units to make sure the organization is agile and capable of adapting to change in a model that enables it to reach its mission in Egypt.  Accordingly, the School decided to restructure ExecEd’s operation aiming to establish a strong and unified unit.

The School succeeded in creating an ExecEd that is well positioned in the market both locally and internationally, offers niche programs that have an edge in the market and competitive advantage and maintains a positive academic, reputational and financial contribution to the School.

Once again in 2019, the School of Business Executive Education is revisiting its strategy and undergoing another major internal restructure aiming for regaining market positioning worthy of School of Business, better participants’ realization of “AUC experience” and overall enhancement in the level of quality and value-added it offers.


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