AUC Angels

AUC Angels: A Rising Star in MENA’s Startup Ecosystem

"The mission of AUC Angels is really to support innovative Egyptian startups secure seed funding, and in doing so provide an attractive pipeline of startups for our angel investors."

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AUC Faculty Reflect on their Students' Handwritten Notes of Gratitude

On the last day of classes, students surprised their professors with handwritten notes to express their gratitude for their ongoing support in online learning despite the unusual circumstances.   Walid Kazziha, professor of political science:

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A2K4D 10th Annual Workshop

Reforming for the Pandemic: The A2K4D Annual Workshop Goes Online

For nine years, the Access to Knowledge For Development Center (A2K4D) Annual Workshop has been a forum for expert, multi-faceted discussions on future outlooks in development and research in various fields. This year, the tenth round of the A2K4D Annual Workshop was a little different.

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EMBA Story

Decoding the Ciphers of Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

It is generally accepted that business ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) entail higher levels of risk than in developed markets. However, the higher risk could lead to higher returns if the risk is mitigated by following the correct market entry strategy. This requires an appreciation and contextualization of the different market entry strategies and the relevant risk mitigation options specific to SSA.  

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Empowering Egypt’s rising business community, EPN

Building bridges with local and international Egyptian professionals while simultaneously supporting local grassroots entities is one of the School’s top priorities.

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Creating an Inclusive Workforce: Students Help Integrate People with Disabilities into the Workplace

Taking an active stance to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace, students in Managing the Human Capital class engaged in a real-life, experiential learning project with DHL Global Forwarding to address this challenge. Their recommendations will be used by the company’s HR department.

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NRI 2020: A timeline of the hopes and fears of digital transformation in the Arab World

Established in 2002 by the World Economic Forum, The Network Readiness Index (NRI) is a metric that measures how prepared countries are to use the information and communications technologies (ICT) for the interest of development and competitiveness in the future.

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Impactful Synergy: The American University in Cairo School of Business Career Readiness Assessment powered by PwC

The AUC School of Business has a well-established culture of continuous improvement. The cornerstone of this culture is assessment.  The periodically reviewed assessment plan of the school captures the extent to which the school attains school-level and program-level learning goals. This exercise ensures a consistently high level of quality among students in terms of skills and knowledge relevant to their professional success and development.

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dalia ibrahim

The Impact of Digitization on the Publishing Sector: How Nahdet Misr Is Coping

Fast-evolving technology and digitization have left companies with no choice other than digital transformation. Taking the publishing industry as an example, users are currently consuming more content than ever on their digital devices. Where does this leave publishing houses, particularly with the onset of COVID-19?

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The Puzzle of Survival in Export Markets

When it comes to exports, not all businesses possess the same risk tolerance. Some businesses are first movers, entering new markets and willing to take more risks, while others are late-movers, observing what peers do first and only adopting successful moves. You'd think that first-movers outperform late-movers in export markets, right? The answer is no. 

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The AUC School of Business Dubbed Best Business School in Africa for the Fourth Consecutive Year by Eduniversal

Our commitment to quality remains unshakeable despite the challenges.

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Marketing Summit

Post Pandemic: Transcending Marketing Challenges

To what extent did marketing and marketing strategies change throughout 2020? Was this change positive or negative? Under the title “Post Pandemic: Transcending Marketing Challenges” the American University in Cairo School of Business hosted its first Online Marketing Summit on November 10.  

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Vlab Demo Day

AUC Venture Lab Hosts its First Virtual Demo Day Event and Graduates 24 New Startups

For seven years, AUC Venture Lab helped aspiring entrepreneurs get the knowledge, training, and funding they need to kickoff their startups. This November, a new round of startups graduated from the V-Lab accelerator programs at its first-ever virtual Demo Day event.

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Student engaged in experiential learning

Co-Op Program: A Leap in Experiential Learning at the School of Business

Offering a unique experiential learning experience with hands-on training at the workplace, AUC’s new Cooperative Education (Co-Op) course is the first of its kind in the region to be initiated by a business school.

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Heba Shama

'Through Others We Become Ourselves' - Highlights of a Lazord Fellow's Journey

Born and raised in South Sinai, Heba Shama ’13, architectural engineering graduate, moved to Cairo to pursue her undergraduate studies at AUC. Her stay was later extended to build her professional career in the development sector when she first learned about the Lazord Fellowship offered by AUC's John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and Responsible Business in partnership with the Lazord Foundation.

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