Class of 2024 Looks Forward to AUC Experience

AUC's campus is sparkling with energy and hope as new and returning students kick off the Spring 2020 semester. More than 80 new undergraduates and 140 graduate students started their studies as the University approaches the final phase of its centennial celebration: Experience the Future.  The new undergraduate class — 47.5% females and 52.5% males — is enriching campus diversity, with students coming from the United States, Syria and Yemen. 

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Students Graduating

Heroes Wear Gowns: A Glimpse of Our Multifaceted Graduates of 2020

How they made it; inspirational stories, insights, reflections, and lessons from our most recent graduating class of January 2020.    One of the oldest yet most treasured traditions of commencements around the world is the commencement speeches, usually delivered by a representative of the graduating class. The final choice of the graduating class representative is principally based on a “competition”, where students submit their speeches and the top one is selected.  

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Columbia Business School MBA Students Work with AUC Venture Lab Startups

A group of second-year MBA students from the Columbia Business School spent one week in Cairo as part of a global immersion class conducted in partnership with the AUC Venture Lab. Describing their visit in one word, the students called it “impressive.” 

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Supporting Egypt’s Healthcare Industry Through AUC School of Business Executive Education’s Hospital Management Programs

On January 23, the AUC School of Business Executive Education officially launched its two revamped hospital management programs, designed to inspire healthcare professionals through equipping them with innovative techniques and creative approaches that refine the provision of healthcare services.  

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Angus Blair

One on One Feature with Angus Blair; Global Finance Magazine’s Emerging Markets Superstar

Rated “Emerging Markets Superstar” by Global Finance magazine and given the prestigious number one position for his coverage of the MENA region’s markets by Institutional Investor magazine, Angus Blair is the current CIB Professor of Practice in Banking at the AUC School of Business.  

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Triple Fellow Success: Reflections on Gerhart Center’s Lazord Fellowship

The John D. Gerhart Center Lazord Fellowship is a multi-dimensional program that seeks to empower its fellows to develop a critical understanding of civic engagement, and to improve their leadership and technical skills for their future careers in all sectors. The program achieves its mission through offering mentoring, providing job opportunities in organizations striving to advance the common good, and creating enriched educational opportunities.  

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AUC, College of Charleston Partner on Student Exchange

AUC and the College of Charleston in South Carolina, both liberal arts institutions with a long legacy in education, have recently partnered on new academic cooperation and student exchange program for both undergraduate and graduate students for a period of five years.  Students from AUC and the College of Charleston will receive a scholarship to spend a semester or year abroad at the other institution, providing students with a unique international experience and strengthening East-West cultural ties.

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Rania Al-Mashat '95 is Egypt's Minister of International Cooperation

Egypt's Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat '95 is beginning a new phase in her mission of public service to Egypt, after heading the Ministry of Tourism for the past two years.  Driven by a sense of responsibility to give back to her country, Al-Mashat said on her Instagram and LinkedIn accounts: 

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Undergraduate Students as Digital Consultants to L’Oréal Egypt

Blending theory with practice, e-marketing students were provided with an exceptional hands-on experience that engraved the course deliverables in their memories thought to be marketers for L’Oréal Egypt products.  

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Revamp ExecEd

AUC School of Business Executive Education Unveils New Programs

Marking the start of a new chapter for the AUC School of Business Executive Education, the “Business Reconfigured” chapter replaces the previously operating one-size-fits-all model to a more focused progressive programs portfolio.  

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RiseUpAtAUC 2019 Recap

For the first time, AUC was the main partner and host of #RiseUpAtAUC, the one-stop-shop event connecting startups in the Middle East and Africa, with more than 20 of AUC’s faculty and alumni as guest speakers.

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Accounting Research Highlights a Country's Vulnerability to Climate Change

Climate change is a global threat. According to NASA, 97% percent of climate scientists agree that human activities are the main cause of climate-warming trends over the past century, and most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.

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Mohamed El Komi

AUC School of Business Launches Behavioral and Economic Decision Making (BEDM) Lab

Representing one of only two experimental economics labs in the Middle East region, the lab focuses on experimental and behavioral economics through simple monitor-based games with student subjects to measure factors essential to the economic decision-making process.  

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Demo Day Cycle 13

Celebrating the Newest Group of Entrepreneurs at AUC Venture Lab’s Fall 2019 Demo Day

Dedicated to the loving memory of Tarek Kamel, an internet visionary and pioneer as well as the former minister of communications and information technology for his legacy and good deeds that will remain inspiring for many others, the event celebrated the graduation of 23 startups pitching their creative business ideas.  

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Business Forward Celebration Event

Celebrating Business Forward 2019 Anniversary Event

Themed around “What Comes After Egypt’s Economic Reform? A Look Forward”, the event featured insightful modern day 15-minute sessions with experts from the government, financial institutions, the private sector, academia, and international organizations.  

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