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Our goal is to actively promote access to knowledge, and inclusive development in the Middle East and Africa by becoming a knowledge hub for research on the different dimensions, interactions, and intersections pertaining to access to knowledge, technology and inclusive development in the region.

We engage in interdisciplinary research through collaborations and partnerships with leading global and regional institutions on the role of knowledge, openness and digital technologies in promoting human development Through research, dissemination and global engagement, we bring local issues to the forefront of global development debates.


Dr Nagla Rizk

Message from the Director

The center was established as a regional research center to fill a void in academic scholarship in the area of knowledge and development in Egypt and the Arab World. 

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Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the success of A2K4D.

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Forum 6

Inclusive Development and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in MENA

The AUC Business Forum, which took place between February 9-11, brought together a diverse group of renowned and distinguished scholars, practitioners from the business industry, as well as policymakers from Egypt, Africa, the Middle East and other parts of the world, to discuss timely and relevant issues in the world of business education.  

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Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Inclusion: What the A2K4D Ninth Annual Workshop Had To Say In This Regard

On October 14, the, Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) held its ninth annual workshop gathering attendee representatives from academia, policymaking, civil society, and students. The day also witnessed the launch of the Alternative Innovation Measurement Lab (AIM).  

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A2K4D Ghana

A2K4D Travels to Ghana for Open AIR Transition Workshop

The Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) attended an Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) workshop from February 8 to 10.

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Our Publications

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Global Censorship and Access to Knowledge

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Egypt

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Open AIR Blog

Our Community

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Our Research

Take a look at the collaborative work we have done with our research partners.

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Networks and Partners

A2K4D is proud to be an active partner in a number of global, regional and national research networks.

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