Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

We offer a wide range of programs in the Real Estate arena. From appraisal and valuation to brokerage and management, you will find the program that best suits your career goals and needs.

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Transform Your Passion Into a Career

The program provides the key skills and knowledge required to realize opportunities, recognize core competencies, and better shape your future to become a successful player in the real estate brokerage market.

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Introduction to Real Estate Management-parent page

Defining the Future of the Real Estate Profession in Egypt

During the Introduction to Real Estate Management program, participants are empowered to become successful real estate players by understanding urban land planning, economics, marketing, and real estate standards.

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Real Estate Management and Development - parent page

Master the Real Estate Game

The certificate offers participants an interdisciplinary real estate deep dive in which they will enjoy an immersive experience in real estate development, urban planning, marketing, facility management, real estate law and community management.

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Real Estate Finance and Investment - parent page

Unlock the Real Estate Finance and Investment Formula

The certificate sets you up for career advancement by offering the practical knowledge to achieve a solid understanding of the finance, property valuation, and investment aspects of the real estate business. You graduate with a comprehensive grasp of real estate investment and financing decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Topics may seem common between the Introduction to Real Estate Management program and the Real Estate Finance and Investment certificate, and the Real Estate Development and Management certificate because they form the foundations of real estate management. However, they differ in the scope and depth of coverage in each program.
    • Introduction to Real Estate Management certificate gives a flavor of what the real estate management world is all about by walking you through the foundational content of each topic.
    • The Real Estate Development and Management Certificate takes you on a deep and extensive dive into each of the topics of marketing, urban development, facility management, law, and community management in a journey to reach excellence in your real estate career.
    • The Real Estate Finance and Investment Certificate focuses on economics, finance, investment, valuation, and appraisal within the real estate arena. It takes you on a journey to understand the technical side of the market and to practically implement such standards in your career.
  • No, topics covered in the Real Estate Finance and Investment certificate and the Real Estate Development and Management Certificate are offered with a larger scope and deeper context than the short Introduction to Real Estate Management program.

    • These are structured and planned visits to reputable corporates in the market. During the visit, you will observe the best practices in selected topics covered in the program.
    • One field visit is included in the Introduction to Real Estate Management program and the Brokerage in Real Estate Program.
    • The field visit is usually scheduled at the very end of the program. The date and time of the visit will be announced during the program.
    • A program’s corporate founding partner shares with AUC the goal of advancing the Real Estate sector in Egypt by elevating the level of calibers working in the field. The corporate founding partner graciously supports AUC to launch and communicate the programs to the Real Estate market.
    • The educational content of the programs represents best practices in the real estate management sciences and is not influenced by the founding partner.
    • Program graduates earn certificates from The AUC School of Business.