Operations and Technology

A set of specialized management programs to empower executives to optimize business operations and enhance financial performance.


Total Quality Management

If you’re a quality professional, the TQM program is designed to qualify you to become a successful quality manager and will provide you with the necessary skills to lead your company when establishing quality, Six Sigma or environmental management systems that satisfy the requirements of international standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

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Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management

This program tackles the multiple dimensions of supply chain management and its integration with other main approaches such as lean manufacturing, quality management, supplier relationship management and other related topics. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the full extent of the entire supply chain and operations management process.

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Six Sigma

Companies are realizing that they can achieve dramatic results by applying Lean Six Sigma methods to improve their performance. The payoffs from these activities can be colossal, such as producing defect-free products within planned frames, turning every qualified lead into booked business and producing error-free invoices every time.


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