Banking and Finance

Banking, Trade and Finance

A comprehensive learning experience for executives looking to develop a solid understanding of fundamental financial and banking principles.


risk assessment

Banking Credit

With the increasing sophistication of different areas of finance and development of credit and risk as well as the emergence of mega projects in the Egyptian market, credit and risk professionals need to consistently acquire and develop their skills and know-how.  

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Private Equity

Private Equity Diploma

The diploma is designed to provide participants with a world-class skill set that will enable them to find, make, manage and exit successful private equity deals.

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Venture Capital Program

Venture Capital

The program is designed for investors and entrepreneurs interested in sharpening their financial and technical skills for venture capital financing.

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African Regional Trade Professional Certificate

Certificate of Trade Finance in Africa

The program is designed to exploit the growth potential in African trade. From a global perspective, participants will be introduced to the world of international trade, trade finance supply chain, and commercial finance (factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending).

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