Certificate of Trade Finance in Africa

Trade Finance in Africa
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Start Date
May 15, 2023  


6 Months 


Registration Deadline
April 02, 2023

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  • Recognizing the Opportunities of Regional Trade in Africa

    As the world progresses towards becoming a more connected place, the role of regional trade and its implications for global economies is growing radically. For trade practitioners, the evolving dynamics of African regional trade can entail unprecedented economic growth and prosperity opportunities.

    Armed with the right mindset, the interested practitioner will be able to recognize and make use of the vast prospects of African regional trade. This certificate was designed to introduce you to the applied potential and actual challenges of trade activities in different African regions. It explains the different stages of trade activities, starting with identifying the various trade opportunities in the continent and ultimately managing the logistics of exports/imports.

    Within a global perspective, you will be introduced to the world of international trade, trade finance, supply chain finance and commercial finance (factoring, invoice discounting and asset-based lending).

    • Identify the strategic importance of international trade
    • Discuss different sales and marketing strategies, as well as how to adapt them in the different regional markets
    • Conduct elements of trade transaction financial analysis, such as profit and loss and exchange rate risk management
    • Integrate trade activities within an organization’s value chain
    • Manage the process of regulatory and legal compliance of an organization’s products according to the requirements of the different regional markets in Africa
    • Acquire the tools needed to achieve professional development goals in the finance of international trade
    • Understand key aspects of international trade, supply chain finance and its variations, international trade finance and logistics, risks mitigation and control
    • Export and import managers
    • Business development managers
    • Professionals in chambers of commerce or industry unions
    • Government employees in ministries of the trade and industry
  • 1. Products and Practical Applications of Trade Finance (40 Hrs)

    This course will give participants a summary of all trade finance products, some important highlights and detailed descriptions, and important aspects of applying the products correctly and with care, especially for issues like compliance, risk management, and laws and regulations. It will inform them of recent developments and real-life applications with case studies and examples. By the end of the course, the participants will clearly understand the various techniques and applications in the International Trade Finance spectrum.

    Dates: May 16 - 21, 2022
    Monday - Saturday
    Time: 9 am - 5 pm
    Format: On-Campus - Tahrir Square campus

    2. Introduction to African Regional Trade (21 hrs)

    This is an introductory course in the study of African regional trade. The course aims to acquaint participants with the African economies, extra- and intra-African Trade, African regional trading blocks, and the African Free Trade Continental Area.

    Dates: June 6-27, 2022
    Mondays and Thursdays
    Time: 6 - 9 pm
    Format: Live Online

    3. Marketing and Sales Regional Strategies (24 hrs)

    This course exposes professionals to developing new marketing and sales strategies based on the different regional markets in Africa. It will provide tools and techniques to identify markets that match their organization's products. The course offers a wide scope of topics, such as market growth strategies, pricing strategies, product placement in African markets, sales channels and negotiations, and e-marketing and e-commerce.

    Dates: July 4 - August 3, 2022
    Mondays and Thursdays
    Time: 6 - 9 pm
    Format: Live Online

    4. Regional Value Chain Management (24 hrs)

    The course covers the essentials of cross-border procurement and management, inventory management, outsourcing and the use of software for resource planning with applications in diverse African regions.

    Dates: September 5 - 28, 2022
    Mondays and Thursdays
    Time: 6 - 9 pm
    Format: Live Online

    5. African Trade and the Regulatory Environment (21 hrs)

    The course introduces regulatory and legal compliance management for African markets, such as documentation, African trade agreements, property rights, and legal settlement of trade disputes.

    Dates: October 3 - 24, 2022 
    Mondays and Thursdays
    Time: 6 - 9 pm
    Format: Live Online

    6. Commercial Finance and Practical Applications (40 hrs)

    The course introduces the management of regulatory and legal compliance for African markets, such as documentation, African trade agreements, property rights, and legal settlement of trade disputes.

    Date: November 14-19, 2022
    Monday - Saturday 
    Time: 9 am - 5 pm
    Format: On-Campus - Tahrir Square campus

    7. Online Business Acumen Course (20 hrs)

    Format: Asynchronous Online

    Effectively operating within a business setting and having a positive contribution requires certain skills and competencies. Explore critical 21st-century skills needed for today’s business world, enabling passion and speed in dealing with different business situations.

    Click here to check out our Business Acumen courses' full list.

  • Admissions Criteria

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Proficiency in written and spoken English
    • A minimum of two years of work experience

    Admissions Process

    Along with your online application form, upload the following documents:
    1. Passport copy
    2. Notarized English translation of all certificates (bachelor's degree is mandatory)
    3. 500-word motivation letter
    4. Proof of vaccination is required
    5. An updated CV that shows the following:
      1. Name, address, email, skype, date of birth, telephone numbers
      2. Primary and Secondary education
      3. Full work experience
      4. Courses attended and professional development courses

    *Note: The fees cover tuition only. Flights, accommodation, food/drink, visa issuance and transportation are not included in the program fees.


    Check if you require an entry visa to Egypt. Apply for your visa early enough; it may take several weeks to get the visa.

  • Fees

    The tuition fee for the program is $6,200

    Cancellation Policy

    • Any change or cancellation must be sent in writing.
    • Registration fees will be reimbursed in full for cancellations received before or on April 14, 2022.
    • No refunds can be made for cancellations received after that date.
    • There will be no charges for name changes (to be done before April 14, 2022). If the event that a speaker cancels his participation, every effort will be made to find a replacement presenter of equivalent experience.

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