Healthcare Management

Customized programs designed to help create fully operational quality systems for the healthcare industry and enhance the skill-set of healthcare professionals to create a more efficient ecosystem.


Healthcare Excellence

Adopt a Practical Journey to Healthcare Accreditation

This diploma addresses the challenges in the healthcare industry and provides aspiring healthcare professionals with innovative techniques and approaches to creatively refine the provision of healthcare services.

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Hospital Mgmt

Enhance the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Healthcare Delivery

This diploma is particularly designed for participants who aim to develop and enhance their knowledge and experience in hospital management as well as operational excellence.

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Infection Prevention

Operate Toward Leadership in the IPC Field

This program offers a comprehensive view on IPC through three short courses that focus on hands-on exercises and hospital visits preparing participants for leadership in the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) field and healthcare domains.

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pharma marketing

Embark on a Marketing Journey From Strategy to Execution

This certificate equips participants with the tools to craft their marketing strategies.

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Mohamed Diaa Sarhan

The course schedule was so flexible, I could even attend two of my classes while travelling abroad without having to change my plans!

Dr. Mohamed Diaa Sarhan
CEO of ABC Hospital and Associate Professor of Surgery at Cairo University - Hospital Management and Operational Excellence Diploma
Dina M. Rasheed Bahgat

I learned how to face and conquer various challenges and I can now bring excellent solutions to the table.

Dr. Dina M. Rasheed Bahgat
Professor of Immunology at Cairo University and Member of the Technical Office at Alfa Medical Group - Hospital Management and Operational Excellence Diploma
AL'aa Hussein Hegab

I would definitely recommend the Executive Education program to anyone who wants to advance their career or personal project.  It was time and money well spent that deemed an investment in self-advancement.

Dr. Al'aa Hussein Hegab
Consultant Allergist/Immunologist - Hospital Management and Operational Excellence Diploma