People and Organization PIC

Human Resources

Cutting-edge people and organizations management practices to harness the power of human capital and elevate your business.

People and Organization Diploma

The Advanced HR Diploma: People and Organizations

As global markets become more complex, challenging, and competitive, it is critical for human resources executives to effectively and efficiently manage their resources. The HR Diploma: People and Organizations allows participants to reach their strategic objectives while operating in a very challenging business environment and enables people leaders to act as effective strategic partners.

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Human Capital Professional Certificate

Human Capital Certificate

While the right talent provides organizations with a significant competitive edge, HR professionals need to acquire the tools, strategies, and practices to build a winning team, drive business results, and achieve strategic objectives. The Human Capital Professional Certificate takes a deep dive into the DNA of organizations and the role of HR in attracting, selecting, training, assessing, and rewarding employees.

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Human Resources Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable sources of information for today’s organizations and HR executives are able to collect, analyze, and apply HR data to gain workforce insights and improve critical talent. The HR Analytics Program covers HR metrics that can promote a positive employee experience and enhance business outcomes.

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Organizational Culture - Diversity and Inclusion

Organizational Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

Building an inclusive and diverse, high-trust culture enables organizations to grow, enhance their reputation and increase their profitability, employee engagement, productivity and innovation.

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