Comprehensive Management

High-impact management approaches for executives looking to gain strategic leadership insights and master the art of impactful leadership. 


Executive Management Diploma (EMD)

The program focuses on giving you knowledge and skills in management and management practices that will enable you to play an active leadership role in your professional life and contribute to the success of your businesses.

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Advanced Management Program (AMP)

The Advanced Management Program (AMP) will help you develop an agile mindset that will change the way you define, weigh, manage and solve problems. Equipping you with innovative methods and approaches that will enable you to reconfigure problems into opportunities, the AMP will help you pilot your organization through the highest tides of uncertainty and change.

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SME Readiness Program

Through a customized training program, this capacity-building opportunity will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge that will help you boost bottom line-performance as well as power through the failure risks of managing a small firm.

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Edinburgh Business School MBA

Edinburgh Business School MBA (EBS MBA) is a text-based program provided by Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom.

The program will enable you to attain a globally recognized degree from a Royal Charter University and will offer you an international learning experience all while remaining in Cairo.

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