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As a pioneer and enabler, our executive programs are fuelled by our commitment to excellence and a sense of responsibility toward developing our community’s business leaders. We offer some of the most comprehensive, diversified and globally-recognized professional development and executive education programs that adopt a modern perspective of delivery and incorporate the latest management concepts and techniques, our school is proud to be home to the AUC School of Business Executive Education. Learn more


Infographic showing that the AUC School of Business Executive Education open-enrollment programs placed 62 in the Financial Times

School of Business Executive Education Open-Enrollment Program Jumps Five Places in Financial Times Ranking

The AUC School of Business Executive Education open-enrollment program jumped an impressive five places in the Financial Times (FT) rankings. This year, the program ranked at 62, maintaining its position as the only ranked business school in the Arab region and one of only three in Africa. This achievement highlights the program's commitment to providing relevant, practical, and high-quality education to business professionals worldwide.

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Embark on a transformational journey with us to enact development, lead change, re-invent your business, solve complex problems and shape your success story. We build unique learning experiences that address your most pressing challenges.

Programs for Individuals

Offering a lifetime of learning to those in search of empowerment, our programs are tailored to enrich and empower professionals at each stage of their career life-cycle. We have something for everyone, find out what we can offer you.

Business Acumen courses

The School of Business, executive education is introducing a series of self-study business acumen courses, these courses are geared to offer participants a set of all-rounded business skills that are essential for every successful professional.

Funding your education

There are several funding options available for executive education participants. You will find details about a program’s fee on its homepage. 


At the AUC School of Business, we believe in the value of change and the importance of evolution, this is why we just launched a brand new webinar series targeting executives and professionals to provide them with updates and insights from our prominent Executive Education instructors on new trends in the different business functions.

Women On Boards Observatory

The Women on Boards Observatory seeks to increase the representation of women on boards in Egypt. The flagship activities of the observatory include the annual Women on Boards monitoring report and the Egyptian Board Ready Women database.

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